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Bugatti celebrated the 100 years of its Type 13 Brescia Quadruple Victory

Since the centenary year of Bugatti Type 13 cars taking top four positions at the Vetturette racing event was fast approaching, Bugatti decided to commemorate it in grand style.

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Porsche recreates iconic Ski Jump photo with a modern twist

German automobile manufacturing Porsche has recreated an iconic photograph of a skier ski jumping over the Porsche Taycan with two-time Olympic skiing champion Aksel Lund Svindal.

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Bugatti Celebrates 30 years of legendary EB110

Bugatti EB 110 was the first sports car model launched by Bugatti 30 years ago which continues to be considered a masterpiece even today.

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Lamborghini Countach 1974 vs 2021

In what is one of the most unique cars ever built, we have the legendary Lamborghini Countach re-imagined, re-created, and brought back to life a full 50 years after the first concept was unveiled.

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The History of Trucking – celebrating 125 years of the World’s First Cargo Truck

On 18 August 1896 Gottlieb Daimler presented the very first motorised truck in the world. It was sold by Daimler to British Motor Syndicate, an automobile company in London. Exactly 125 years later a Mercedes-Benz Actros made the journey from Stuttgart to London carrying two historic trucks on-board, including a replica of the World’s First Cargo Truck.

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Concept EQG – the electric G wagen from Mercedes Benz

As part of their commitment to electrifying their entire line-up, Mercedes Benz showcased the Concept EQG – the all-electric variant of the G-class.

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