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EVs - are they the future?

Electric vehicles are revolutionising the automobile industry. The future of mobility will revolve around IoT, connected car tech, autonomous driving. Really? Read on.

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Monsoon Water Wading Tips

During monsoons, especially in India, comes the fear of flooding and having to navigate water-logged streets. It is common to experience heavy downpour, this makes waterlogging a serious but a common problem. Here are some tips which may help survive monsoons in India.

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Petrol vs Diesel

One of the initial decisions to make before purchasing a car is deciding between petrol or diesel power. Wondering which among them is the most suitable type of fuel for your future car, can be a scary question. Each has its own pros and cons.

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Choosing the Right Car Insurance

It is important to choose a good car insurance policy. Different policies have different features to offer and they also come with different quotes. This is why it's crucial to study and do some homework before making a final purchase. Here are some tips which might help you to choose the best car insurance policy for your beloved vehicle:

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Battery Replacement Tips

The Battery is literally the heart of any vehicle. Not only is it important for starting the engine, it also powers all the electrical components during the drive.

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What to carry on a Road Trip

Road trips are wonderful, they’re just so liberating and classic. Road trips are like freedom, one is in total control of their time, pace and destinations. But... A road trip can become a disaster if one is not prepared. One needs to ensure that their car is in top condition, and in order to make sure of that even during the trip, one must carry things mentioned below for the sake of their car and to have a safe and hassle-free trip for yourself.

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