Rolls-Royce Unveils the Exquisite Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis: A Celestial Masterpiece

Posted on 29-10-2023 by Bisma Trunkwala

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Indulge in celestial luxury with Rolls-Royce’s Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis: a masterpiece inspired by solar eclipses. Limited to 25 units, experience bespoke craftsmanship, animated starlit interiors, and exquisite diamond accents. Discover automotive opulence redefined.

In the realm of automotive luxury, Rolls-Royce has once again transcended expectations with the launch of their latest marvel, the Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis Private Collection. Limited to an exclusive production run of just 25 units, this exquisite creation is a homage to the rare and awe-inspiring phenomenon of a solar eclipse. Combining the elegance of the Rolls-Royce Ghost with the rebellious spirit of the Black Badge series, the Ékleipsis Private Collection is a testament to the brand’s relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Understanding the exterior

The exterior of the Ékleipsis is a sight to behold, painted in the ethereal Lyrical Copper hue that encapsulates the mysterious ambiance of a total solar eclipse. This bespoke finish, infused with powdered copper pigment, creates a dramatic iridescence, reminiscent of the fleeting moments when the Moon obscures the Sun. Mandarin accents grace the Pantheon Grille inserts and brake calipers, mirroring the intense pulses of sunlight witnessed during the eclipse’s progression. The hand-painted coachline delicately illustrates the transition from sunlight to darkness, capturing the eclipse’s essence with artistic finesse.

The Interior

Step inside the Ékleipsis, and you are greeted by a celestial spectacle that defies imagination. The Animated Starlight Headliner, a hallmark of Rolls-Royce craftsmanship, takes center stage. As the coach doors close and the engine purrs to life, a mesmerizing animation unfolds within the Starlight Headliner, replicating the totality of a solar eclipse. A circle of 940 stars forms, symbolizing the bright corona of light around the lunar silhouette, surrounded by 192 illuminating stars that recreate the otherworldly spectacle of stars visible in the daytime sky during an eclipse. This intricate animation, visible for precisely seven minutes and 31 seconds – the longest duration of a total solar eclipse – required a year of meticulous development by the Bespoke Collective.

The interior of the Ékleipsis is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. The illuminated fascia boasts 1,846 laser-etched stars, depicting a symbolic timeline of a total eclipse. Each star was individually adjusted in size and position, a delicate process that consumed over 100 hours. This celestial narrative culminates in a bespoke timepiece, integrating a brilliant-cut 0.5-carat diamond. The bezel geometry was modified to accommodate the precious gem, marking the first time in Rolls-Royce history that a gemstone has been integrated into the clock’s bezel. Rigorous adhesion tests were conducted to ensure the diamond’s secure placement, resulting in a breathtaking fusion of artistry and luxury.

The interior ambiance of the Ékleipsis is further enhanced by the Panoramic Sunset seats, capturing the golden twilight that surrounds viewers during a solar eclipse. These bi-colored seats, featuring over 200,000 individual perforations, create a visual effect with extraordinary depth and subtlety. The bold Mandarin leather is tinted in a black shade and perforated to reveal a brighter contrasting color underneath, embodying the captivating illusion of a 360-degree sunset.

Additionally, bespoke finishing touches abound, including illuminated treadplates, umbrellas with Mandarin piping concealed in the coach doors, and a unique indoor car cover bearing the Private Collection’s wordmark. Every detail of the Ékleipsis is meticulously crafted, exemplifying Rolls-Royce’s dedication to creating automotive masterpieces that transcend the ordinary.

In unveiling the Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis Private Collection, Rolls-Royce has once again set a new standard in the world of luxury automobiles. This limited edition masterpiece not only pays tribute to the celestial wonder of a solar eclipse but also showcases the brand’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of contemporary craftsmanship and delivering unparalleled opulence to its discerning clientele. For the fortunate few who will experience the privilege of owning one of the 25 Ékleipsis units, this celestial chariot promises a journey into the realms of luxury and elegance that is truly out of this world.


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