BMW kicks off its 50th Anniversary of its M model in grand style and on an emotional note

Posted on 25-02-2022 by Nilesh Sawant

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Brand BMW aims to begin its 50th-anniversary celebration with a unique event: a film exhibition highlighting various BMW M vehicles with drivers in a huddle.

Brand BMW aims to begin its 50th-anniversary celebration with a unique event: a film exhibition highlighting various BMW M vehicles with drivers in a huddle. Furthermore, this rendezvous is organized by the German luxury car brand models. The main objective behind this initiative is to enable their drivers to come together under one roof to discuss strategies. And also to allow them to interact and egg each other on to pursue excellence in driving. Therefore, MWTV presents this article to help you know more about BMW's 50th-anniversary commemoration plan.  

Basic Intention of creating a film about the BMW M Huddle: 

To 'Emotionally Connect' with the clients is the main objective behind BMW developing the M Huddle movie. The brand wants to show the world that no matter who drives a BMW M model, they are all bound by the love and the need for speed generated by it. In other words, the Intention is to introduce to the brand's loyal customers the passion every driver experiences while driving a BMW car. Which, in simple words, means that the German carmaker wants every fan of theirs to get that 'WE ARE M' feeling.    

Thought behind developing the 'WE ARE M' sentiment and the BMW M Huddle Speech film: 

BMW felt the need to create a Huddle Speech video to create a 'WE ARE M' emotion in people. The idea is to show people that BMW is a constantly evolving brand with time. Creating models ranging from the M1 Procar and the i4 M50 to the XM Concept. In terms of the video itself, there are four chapters in it. Each one of them gets activated over one quarter. The basic theme of the 50-year celebration of the BMW M model is the 'Huddle Speech,' which is also the first chapter's title. The second chapter that follows is about BMW M's rich 50-year motorsport history. Electrification is the main topic of the third chapter. Finally, the fourth and the last chapter discusses the unique lifestyle revolving around the BMW M car. 

With the official 50th Anniversary of the BMW M automobile set to take place on May 24th, 2022, the brand is looking to celebrate its achievements and successes in the performance and high-performance segment in a digital style. But, more importantly, BMW M is looking to not rest on its laurels and intends to take the electrification of mobility to the next level.  

MWTV had previously reported the intended 50th Anniversary Celebrations by BMW here.


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