BMW extends the range of functions in Artificial Intelligence application

Posted on 02-12-2021 by Nilesh Sawant

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In July 2020, the BMW app was for the first time used a universal interface tool for the first time, and now in November 2021, the German luxury carmaker is set to extend the range of functions in the BMW app.

The BMW app in July 2020 was first used as a universal interface tool to enable seamless communication between the driver and the car. The other intended function of this application was to provide v direct connection between the customer, the BMW brand, and the BMW retailer via a smartphone. Furthermore, it is to help the driver plan travel route, arrange for service appointments, acquire information on vehicle status, and get the latest BMW news that led to the creation of the app. In addition, remote features such as locking and unlocking doors have also been included in the AI application. However, from November 2021 onwards, the range of functions in the BMW app is extended. To learn more about these additions, continue reading this article written by MWTV just for you. 

The Digital Tyre Diagnosis in the BMW app: 

The Digital Tyre Diagnosis is a newly developed tool to detect pressure loss. It is a system developed by BMW for its app that is a first of its kind to be introduced in the automobile industry. This software possesses a cloud-based algorithm and can detect any form of tyre inflation pressure loss with quickness and efficiency. More importantly, the diagnostic function of this digital application is implemented by Artificial Intelligence or AI. The Digital Tyre Diagnosis also helps inform the customer independently about any automobile's technical issues that need to be known. This function will be available in BMW models from the 11th November 2021 in Germany, Norway, UK, USA, and Canada. 

The addition of the Tyre Pressure Indicator in the BMW app: 

The inflation pressure in the tyre is determined by the pressure monitoring system that the Tyre Pressure Indicator helps provide the customer. Additional information, such as the values of each axle, is also given by this digital accessory to the user. Overall, the presence of this function in the BMW app helps the client from the comfort of his home understand whether or not the current tyre inflation pressures of a car is correct.  

Provision of the Digital Key Plus in the BMW app: 

The induction of the Digital Key Plus function in the BMW app ensures that the user can unlock and start and lock the vehicle again. It, too, without having to make use of the smartphone. It consists of an Ultra-wideband technology (UWB), renowned for providing precise localization with maximum possible security. The Digital Key Plus has been rolled out with the BMW Ix and is set to be made available in the brand's future models as well.  

The BMW app and Remote Theft Recorder:  

It is to help notify the customer whether or not the automobile's alarm system is activated that a function known as the Remote Theft Recorder is introduced in the BMW app. The Recorder also triggers the alarm, causing the vehicle camera to capture its interior and the entire area surrounding it; even in case of damage to the car or stolen, sufficient video and photographic evidence are still collected. However, the vehicle needs to be equipped with Interior Camera, Parking Assistant Plus, and optional Parking Assistant Plus to use this software effectively.  

Availability of Calendar Locations in the BMW app and its usefulness:  

'Synchronization' of the calendar (including their travel plan) to perfection benefits the Calendar Locations function the BMW app provides the customer. The places linked to the calendar entries can be displayed directly in the application without being searched separately. By using the Calendar Locations function, transferring locations directly to the vehicle's navigation system becomes possible.  

The BMW app and its Demo Mode connection: 

The Demo Mode is a feature that enables the customer to use the vehicle functions with the BMW app and not by physically being in the car. This function possesses available in a variety of BMW models possesses various other utilities such as electro-mobility. 

The updated version of the BMW app is now available for both Apple and Android smartphone operating systems. BMW clients interested in downloading it can do so for free through the Apple Play Store and Google Play Store. 

Have you downloaded the application? What according to you was the most useful feature?

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