Volvo EM90: Pioneering the Future of Electric MPVs with Heritage and Innovation

Posted on 15-11-2023 by Bisma Trunkwala

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Explore Volvo’s latest innovation, the EM90 premium electric MPV, designed to be a comfortable living space on wheels. With a focus on versatility, this release marks a significant step in Volvo’s commitment to sustainable mobility and meeting diverse customer needs. Learn how the EM90 and its predecessor, the EX30 SUV, contribute to Volvo’s goal of becoming a fully electric car maker by 2030.

In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive innovation, Volvo continues to lead the charge towards a sustainable future with its latest creation – the EM90 premium electric MPV. Unveiled as a spacious and luxurious mobile living room, this groundbreaking vehicle not only marks Volvo’s entry into the multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) segment but also signifies a crucial step in the brand’s commitment to becoming a fully electric car maker by 2030.

Versatility Revisited:

At While the MPV segment might be new terrain for Volvo, the concept of versatility is deeply ingrained in the brand’s DNA. The year 1953 saw the birth of the Volvo Duett, a vehicle designed for versatility and spaciousness long before the formal inception of the MPV category. Celebrating its 70th birthday this year, the Duett remains a sought-after classic, having left an indelible mark on Volvo’s design philosophy.

The Duett’s legacy extends beyond its era, inspiring Volvo’s iconic range of estates. This heritage served as a wellspring of creativity for the designers working on the EM90. The Duett, meaning “two cars in one,” encapsulates the essence of versatility, catering to families, business owners, and even doubling as a makeshift home during camping trips. With this rich history as a backdrop, Volvo’s foray into the electric MPV segment with the EM90 is not just a leap into the future but a nod to its longstanding commitment to adaptability.

Innovating in the Electric Era:

The EM90 stands as a testament to Volvo’s ability to innovate and meet specific market demands. As the MPV segment gains traction globally, especially in Asia, Volvo strategically chose China, the world’s largest car market, as the launchpad for the EM90. Following the success of the EX30 small SUV, the EM90 represents Volvo’s second expansion in its model portfolio, a move aimed at reaching new audiences and covering a broader spectrum of the global automotive market.

Jim Rowan, Chief Executive at Volvo Cars, emphasizes, “With the EM90, we’re taking Volvo Cars’ heritage and leadership in safety into the exciting new electric MPV segment. It allows us to tap new market demand we’ve not explored before and broadens the appeal of the Volvo brand to more people.”

Towards a Greener Tomorrow:

The unveiling of the EM90 aligns seamlessly with Volvo’s ambitious goal of becoming a fully electric car maker by 2030. The electric MPV is not merely a technological marvel; it embodies Volvo’s commitment to sustainability. With zero tailpipe emissions, the EM90 represents a stride towards a greener automotive future. Volvo envisions a whole family of new, fully electric cars in the coming years, promising customers the Volvo experience without compromising on environmental responsibility.

This transition to a fully electric lineup is not just a sustainability commitment but a strategic move towards profitable growth and industry leadership in sustainable mobility. The EM90 and its predecessor, the EX30, serve as pivotal components in Volvo’s roadmap to achieving this ambitious transformation.

The Living Room on Wheels:

Described as a comfortable living room on the move, the EM90 redefines the driving experience. It’s not just a means of transportation; it’s a space for life with loved ones. The spacious interior, laden with cutting-edge technology and luxurious amenities, creates an environment that seamlessly integrates the comfort of home with the thrill of the road. Volvo’s dedication to safety, a hallmark of the brand, is woven into the fabric of the EM90, ensuring that innovation does not compromise on the well-being of its occupants.

In conclusion, the Volvo EM90 is more than just a vehicle; it’s a statement. A statement of Volvo’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and meeting the evolving needs of its diverse customer base. As the automotive industry undergoes a paradigm shift towards electric mobility, Volvo stands at the forefront, not merely adapting to change but steering it with a blend of heritage and innovation. The EM90 is not just a car; it’s a glimpse into the future of electric MPVs, where versatility meets luxury, and sustainability is non-negotiable.


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