Tech Hub for Volvo Cars to open soon in Poland

Posted on 06-03-2023 by Suraj Dhirwani

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Volvo Cars plans to open a brand new tech hub in Krakow, Poland’s second-largest city. The tech hub will carry full responsibility for developing complete and key features on the new fully electric cars, which are core to the brand's purpose.

Volvo Cars are ready to introduce a new Tech Hub in Poland's second-largest city, Krakow. This Scandinavian luxury car brand intends to create a significant software development center. This strategic move by Volvo Cars wants to become an electric car manufacturing brand entirely by 2030. Also, the ultimate goal of this Swedish car brand is to produce Volvo electric cars. To be a leader in this new automobile technology. This Tech Hub will develop significant features within the electric vehicle. To know more about this unique initiative, please continue reading this article.

What is Volvo Cars Tech Hub?

Volvo Cars Tech Hub will involve a group of engineers whose aim is to boost innovation at a rapid rate. It is a Swedish luxury automobile company that is looking to do by developing high-tech software for critical areas in Volvo Cars, which they will create using causes that usually trigger an accident. The Tech Hub project involves the production of next-generation software tools that get connected through data analytics. Brand Volvo Cars intend to make Tech Hub operational by the end of this year. They are looking to employ about 120 bright engineering minds. More importantly, by the middle of this decade, Volvo Cars are looking to hire anywhere between 500 to 600 people from Krakow, who have closed links to their engineering centres in China and Sweden.

Why is Volvo Cars initiating the creation of Tech Hub?

The future of Volvo Cars is to go total 'Electric' with the automobiles mainly to be sold online whose sales are to be powered online by cutting-edge computer technology. A reason why Volvo Cars are looking to develop software to enhance its strategic ambitions in the future. These include the desire to become a true leader in new technology in new software technology and become a 'Complete' electric car brand by 2030. For this purpose, Volvo Cars are assembling a team of outstanding engineering talent from around the globe in Tech Hub in Krakow.

What is the reason behind Volvo Cars selecting Krakow as Tech Hub?

Volvo Cars selected Krakow as the venue for the Tech Hub because many global technology companies have a base in this place. Also, by setting this center up in this destination, Volvo Cars intend to be the first carmaker to have a significant engineering presence. The strong Telecom industry in Krakow also means that the city serves as a rich source of recruits for other locations of Tech Hub.

Where are some of the current Tech Hubs of Volvo Cars located?

Volvo Cars have set up Tech Hubs in Stockholm, Lund in Sweden, and Bangalore in India. There is also a Volvo Cars software technology center in Shanghai, China. Each of these locations- they possess their focus area, which, when put together, can make up a crucial network of innovation centers strategically all around the globe.

Therefore, the primary motivation behind the creation of Tech Hubs by Volvo Cars all across the globe, in the words of Hanna Fager, the chief people officer of the Swedish automobile brand, is to recruit and attract top engineering talent globally. It is by making their presence felt in strategically important locations.


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