Electrifying the Icon: The All-Electric MINI Cooper

Posted on 03-09-2023 by Bisma Trunkwala

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In an era when the automobile industry is undergoing deep change, adopting sustainability and innovation is no longer an option but a requirement. The all-electric MINI Cooper is a big step forward in this transformation. The MINI Cooper has evolved into one of the most iconic and beloved compact vehicles in the world, and its journey towards electrification demonstrates the company's commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. This article will look at the all-electric MINI Cooper, looking at its design, performance, technology, and role in defining the future of urban mobility.

Since its debut in 1959, the MINI Cooper has been synonymous with economical, small, and attractive urban transportation. Its timeless look, legendary handling, and go-kart-like driving dynamics have earned it a particular place in the hearts of both automobile enthusiasts and city dwellers. However, as the automotive industry faces climate change and environmental issues, it has become critical to reimagine iconic symbols like the MINI Cooper for the twenty-first century.

In its fifth generation, the all-electric MINI Cooper is a 3-door model with the brand's iconic look and urban driving enjoyment. The new MINI Countryman features additional space, comfort, and safety, especially off-road, owing to all-wheel drive. The new MINI Cooper and MINI Countryman are entirely electric, ensuring locally emission-free driving and highlighting MINI's market leadership with distinctive design, innovative drivetrain technology, and an immersive digital experience.

MINI DNA elevates with an electrified go-kart sensation and engaging user experience. Modern and minimalist, the new MINI models focus on the fundamentals. The fifth-generation MINI Cooper 3-door is all-electric and designed for urban driving fun. The larger all-electric MINI Countryman stresses its ideal for outdoor pursuits. In April 2024, MINI will launch the Aceman, a premium small vehicle crossover.

Design Language:

The new design language “Charismatic Simplicity” brings driving fun, user experience, and brand responsibility into a new era for the MINI family. This authentically integrates MINI values with current advances, reducing car design to its essence. The new MINI models' pure design balances MINI's urban essence and the MINI community's innovation. The all-electric MINI Cooper and MINI Countryman's surfaces are fascinating due to detail integration. Flush door handles, no fender flares, and no side scuttles create a clean, modern look. New MINI models have athletic bodies due to their sculpted shoulders. The vehicle's agility and compactness are enhanced by new daytime running light elements for the LED headlights and Matrix LED taillights with three settings on all new variants.

The Reinvention of the Original:

The MINI Cooper E's 135 kW/184 hp electric powertrain produces 290 Nm and sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds. The MINI Cooper SE can reach 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds with 160 kW/218 horsepower and 330 Nm of torque. The MINI Cooper E has 305 kilometres and the SE 402 km in the WLTP test cycle.

Four trims—Essential, Classic, Favoured, and JCW—give the new MINI its own personality. The new MINI Cooper E and Cooper SE are all-electric vehicles with improved output and range. All MINI 3-door, 5-door, and Convertible vehicles are called “Cooper” in the new MINI family. It's no longer an engine specification.

“The continued high demand for our locally emission-free vehicles confirms our path to a fully electric future. It demonstrates the openness of our global MINI community to electric mobility, and I am confident that the new generation of MINI models will inspire even more people. Thanks to our electrified go-kart feeling, an immersive user experience and a responsible attitude, the new MINI family is tailor made for urban target groups all around the world,” explains Stefanie Wurst, head of the MINI brand.

The Interiors:

The front part has a small and roomy dashboard and a multifunction steering wheel for a MINI go-kart sensation. Its high-resolution core OLED display, the MINI Interaction Unit, makes the 240-millimetre circle instrument stand out. All trims of the all-electric MINI Cooper have high-quality Vescin artificial leather seats and recycled textiles and yarns for the seat, knitted surfaces, car headliner, and floor.

The new MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant is activated by saying “Hey MINI”. Controlling several tasks using voice control is comfortable and helps drivers focus. The new shortened toggle bar with five switches has all driving functions and is appropriate for drivers below the circular instrument. The shifter was removed to increase storage between the front seats. The wireless charging area in this storage room lets you charge and access mobile devices anytime.

The new interior experience is mostly created by textile surfaces. A freshly devised knitting process creates the two-colour textile's easy-care, adaptable structure. Up to seven MINI Experience Modes activate the dashboard. Special light projections stretch the spherical instrument's hues across the dashboard, improving the interior user interface. New MINI Cooper cockpit customization options make the inside feel unique.

They coordinate with eight MINI Experience Modes that maximise interior customization through light projections, a customizable user interface, and new engine noises.

The MINI Operating System 9, optimised for touch and voice control, the central OLED display with a diameter of 240 millimetres, and many new, digital functions in the MINI Connected Package increase driving fun in the new MINI Countryman. The redesigned multifunction steering wheel has two spokes and a textile strap instead of a bottom spoke. Unlike the MINI Cooper, the new MINI Countryman's vertical cockpit air vents and upright dashboard emphasise its uniqueness.

The Adventure:

The MINI Countryman E's 150 kW/204 hp electric powertrain produces 250 Nm and speeds from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.6 seconds. The all-wheel drive MINI Countryman SE ALL4's electric motors provide 494 Nm of torque and accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds with 230 kW/313 horsepower. The WLTP test cycle gives the MINI Countryman E 462 kilometres and the SE ALL4 433 km.

Wider wheel arches and a clean, modern look give the rugged MINI explorer crossover appeal. The beautiful C-pillar design depends on the car trim and one of its four roof hues. The new Matrix tail lights frame the back with their upright appearance.

Like the exterior, the vertically mounted door knobs are flush with the surfaces within. The tinted panoramic glass roof and clear, simplified contours of the front and rear seats make the new MINI Countryman bright and spacious. The tiny premium Crossover has more headroom and legroom because of its larger body.

More than just a car, the all-electric MINI Cooper represents innovation and a dedication to a greener tomorrow. By updating an icon for the new day with electric power while keeping its traditional good looks and nimble handling, MINI has succeeded. The all-electric MINI Cooper is an attractive, environmentally sound, and enjoyable mode of urban transportation as communities everywhere work to lessen their carbon footprint. It demonstrates that efficiency and environmental friendliness are not mutually exclusive, therefore leading the way for a more sustainable car sector.


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