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Posted on 01-03-2022 by Suraj Dhirwani

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BMW MINI Cooper has released the MINI 3-Door Cooper SE model to advertise a sustainable ‘Clean and Green’ driving experience for the driver.

Do you know how BMW MINI Cooper celebrated completing ten years in India? The answer is that; they have done so by releasing the MINI 3-Door Cooper SE just last week in the country. The German luxury car brand introduced its first-ever all-electric vehicle in doing so. The intention is to promote a sustainable ‘Clean and Green’ driving experience for the driver. It is made available in a complete built-up unit (CBU). Furthermore, the pre-launch booking of this latest MINI Cooper model held in Q4 2021 had sold all its units. To help you know more about the MINI 3-Door Cooper SE model presented by BMW, MWTV gives this article.   

The BMW MINI 3-Door Cooper SE model, a blend of excellent appearance and electric performance: 

It combines a mix of physical character and electrified drive. This automobile provides for a zero-carbon emission sustainable and a very thrilling drive. Regarding the development and release of this car, BMW intends to become a trailblazer promoting electric mobility. In addition, the brand wants to continue its mission of giving its customers a driving experience to remember.  

The BMW MINI 3-Door Cooper SE a one of a kind car that possesses modern exterior design and electromobility: 

The fully electrified MINI 3-Door Cooper SE is the first vehicle from BMW MINI Cooper to take ‘E-mobility’ to the next level. This automobile has a design that mixes beautiful aesthetics with decisive aerodynamics. The presence of accents that are ‘Bright Yellow’ in colour makes this model unique in its appearance. It has a grille that is very sleek and captivating to the eye. It has been specifically designed to represent the past and the present of MINI Cooper. The MINI 3-Door Cooper SE comprises a pair of distinctive headlights with magnificent side scuttles in which lies LED indicators. This automobile possesses Electric Power Spoke alloy wheels measuring 17 inches / 43.18 cm. It is also available in four unique exterior shades: British Racing Green, White Silver, Moonwalk Grey, and British Racing Green. 

The BMW MINI 3-Door Cooper SE and its exclusive interior:  

A high-class MINI Electric Interior Surface is what the MINI 3-Door Cooper SE has in its possession. It includes Cloth/ Leatherette Combination Upholstery seats in Black Pearl/ Carbon Black. This MINI vehicle also has its décor multifunction steering covered in Nappa leather, enhancing the integration of more functions. While, on the other hand, reducing the number of control surfaces available. The interior also has Multifunction Instrument Display on a sleek black panel design, which provides vital information to the driver on the drive. There is also an 8. 8-Inch/22.35 cm high-resolution, full-colour touchscreen. 

The splendid ‘Electrified’ zero carbon emissions engine of BMW MINI 3-Door Cooper SE: 

‘Zero emissions’ is the BMW MINI 3-Door Cooper SE engine, thereby making it suited to maintain a sustainable future. It generates a maximum power output of 184 hp/135 kW and a maximum torque of 270 Nm. This MINI model also can sprint and accelerate from 0-100 km in just 7.3 seconds. One of the best features of this vehicle comes with guaranteed fast and hassle-free charging. 

As per Mr Vikram Pawah, President, BMW Group India, the brand is presenting the BMW MINI 3-Door Cooper SE to commemorate its ten years of existence within the country in ‘Electric’ style and by introducing a ‘Digital First’ strategy.   

Did you pre-book it? Are you looking to buy one of these cute electric hatchbacks? Let us know in the comments section.


BMW MINI 3-Door Cooper SE



Maximum Power Output

184 hp/135 kW

Maximum Torque

270 Nm

Acceleration (0-100 kmph)

7.3 seconds

Top Speed

150 kmph



Fuel Type


Fuel Tank Capacity

44 litres

Gross Weight

1570 kg


3850 mm


1727 mm


1,432 mm


2,495 mm

Boot Space

211 litres


17.3 kmpl

Price INR

Rs 47.2 lakhs


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