Mercedes Benz EQE makes a Smashing Debut appearance in Munich.

Posted on 20-09-2021 by Suraj Dhirwani

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Yet another electric vehicle Mercedes Benz EQE officially launched in Munich to go on sale globally in 2022. More powerful versions are set to arrive later.

Unless you have not logged on to in the last 1 week, you would know that Mercedes Benz has been on a roll with their electric assault! From the EQS, the AMG EQS, the Maybach EQS to the one no-one was expecting the Legendary G Wagen as the EQG, Mercedes is electrifying at the speed of lightning!

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Now it’s time for the middle child of the pack (C,E,S) to get the EV moniker. Mercedes announced the EQE – the electric equivalent of the E class at Munich.

Climate Change has begun to take adverse effects all over the world. As a result, most luxury automobile brands have started to manufacture Electric vehicles as an Eco-Friendly alternative. It is keeping Mother Nature in mind then that Mercedes Benz EQE has formally been introduced in the market by the German automobile maker. Along with great fanfare at the recently concluded 2021 Munich Motor Show. To know more about this Electric Vehicle, please continue to read this MWTV article that should provide you with the answers to all your basic queries.  

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The Mercedes Benz EQE has an exterior design that is aerodynamically different and efficient. 

EQE is the electric equivalent of 'E-Class' just like EQS is to the 'S- Class.' The Mercedes Benz EQE has specifically been designed to ensure maximum aerodynamic efficiency. Furthermore, Mercedes themselves have said that this automobile possesses a Very Good Cd (Drag Coefficient) figure. It is mainly because of its perfect underbody, rigorous panel gap sealing, and closed-off grille. More importantly, EQE is the first model manufactured by Mercedes Benz using 100% recycled steel. The EQE is 4,946 mm long, which is 270 mm shorter than the EQS and comprises an 80 mm length long-wheelbase than the 'E-Class.' In the words of Mercedes, the EQE, in terms of size, as well as its hatch-style boot lid closely resembles the CLS four-door Coupe.   


As is with Mercedes Benz interior design that exudes excellence in style and elegance.

One of the very best vehicles in its class is what Mercedes says about the interior design and its ability to reduce the noise of the Mercedes Benz EQE. In terms of design, this model is similar to the EQS and comprises a 'Hyperscreen Infotainment Device.' measuring 1400 mm. This entertainment instrument spans the width of the dashboard and has a high-definition screen. It contains an MBUX operating system that saves the user from having to browse through multiple menus. Furthermore, it provides the front passenger complete control over a 12.3 inch OLED display. This luxurious automobile's additional features include 'Roaring Pulse' sound mode (large volume combustion engine soundtrack), in-built video games, and advanced headlight technology. The interior also consists of a 'Sound Proofing' system that essentially is a 'Foam Coating' that fills cavities to insulate electric motor and reduce wind and drivetrain noise.  

Engine Battery and Motor

Details about the battery in the Mercedes Benz EQE that powers the process of Electrification.  

The Mercedes Benz EQE is currently equipped with a 10 cell 90 kWh lithium-ion battery that generates 545-660 km on the WLTP cycle. It gives this luxury car model more 'Speed' and efficiency than most of its rivals. This increased effectiveness indicates that this vehicle can cover an extensive distance of 250 km in as little as fifteen minutes. The presence of regenerative brakes helps speed up the car while on the move and allows for one-pedal driving. Finally, according to Mercedes, this automobile has in it permanent motor magnets that are sure to, in their words, ensure "high power density, high power efficiency, and high power constancy."  

It was in 2020 that Mercedes Benz introduced EQC, it's the first-ever electric car in India. Now in 2021, with the launch of EQE in Munich on a grand scale done and dusted. It remains to be seen as to whether or not this model, once released in the Indian market, does help stimulate more buyers among the elite class for electric mobility to promote 'Eco-Friendly' driving, which is the need of our planet earth at the moment. 

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