BMW presents iX Flow Possessing E Ink, an exterior colour-change so very magical

Posted on 05-02-2022 by Nilesh Sawant

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The German luxury car brand presented the BMW iX Flow featuring E Ink. It is a technology developed specifically to automate customization of the car exterior.

The digitalization of the automobile industry has ensured that the customer can now get delivered vehicles having tools that provide an integrated user experience. It is seen in the new BMW models, which have gadgets that enhance the individuality of its décor. For example, My Modes enables a driver to create an ambiance that suits the personal mood and delivers an unforgettable driving experience. In the CES 2022 event, the German luxury car brand presented the BMW iX Flow featuring E Ink. It is a technology developed by the brand specifically to make the vehicle's exterior adapt to different situations and per the individual's wishes. It is to help you know about the BMW iX Flow that MWTV presents in this article. 

The intention behind developing BMW iX Flow featuring E Ink: 

It is to bring to life the body of a vehicle that BMW iX Flow is now introduced, says Frank Weber, who is a Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Development. The Ix Flow comprises a unique body wrap that essentially makes fluid colour switching for contours of an all-electric Sports Activity Vehicle manufactured by BMW. According to Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design, the iX Flow gadget is an integral part of the brand's research and design project, a clear indication of forward-thinking at play. He also states that more gadgets will meld elements of the natural and virtual world in the future.  

Furthermore, this innovative E Ink technology is developed to open up new ways to alter the automobile appearance as per the driver's aesthetic needs, or even environmental conditions are a possibility. Which, in simple words, means that the potential or personalize a BMW vehicle as per the driver's desire has increased. Such technologies are available today, keeping in mind that the colour of a car is chosen mainly to suit the driver's personality. They are also increasingly being developed to take decision-making freedom while driving to the next level.   

BMW iX Flow and its impact on the increase in vehicle efficiency: 

The BMW iX Flow contributes by providing a variety of colours for the interior, which helps improve car appearance and its effectiveness. This tool improves the automobile's performance by considering different light and dark colours' ability to reflect sunlight. Accordingly, it selects the right colour for the vehicle by filtering the best from among the rest of the choices. For example, a white hue is perfect when the atmosphere is hot since it will absorb more heat from the sun. In a cooler climate, however, a darker colour on the exterior will enable the absorption of the warmth of sunlight. These selective colour changes can help reduce the cooling and heating of the vehicle's air-conditioning. Leading to a reduction in the total amount of energy the electrical system of the automobile needs. It, in turn, triggers a decrease in fuel consumption and therefore increases inefficiency. 

The curious case of Electrophoretic colouring & the BMW iX Flow:  

The BMW iX Flow with E Ink possesses a technology known as Electrophoretic colouring. It consists of a surface coating with millions of microcapsules, having a diameter as thick as human hair. Every microcapsule contains negatively charged white and positively charged black pigments. It depends on the setting chosen that stimulation is caused, leading to either the white or black pigments reaching the surface of the microcapsule. Thus giving the body of the car the desired hue.  By introducing the iX Flow with E Ink technology brand, BMW seeks to be the leader in automobile innovation shortly.


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