Volkswagen BATTMan - a super heroic solution for battery woes

Posted on 21-10-2021 by Suraj Dhirwani

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Do you know what happens when the shelf life of a car battery nears completion? The answer lies in Volkswagen's newly developed analysis cool digital tool named BattMAN ReLife.

Planet Earth needs some superheroes to rescue us from the Global Warming crisis that is looming large over our head!
Seems like Volkswagen have come up with something which may not be the 'hero we deserve, but the hero we need'!
If you know that line, you know we are referring to the dark caped crusader - here, we have a different variant of that superhero - the Volkswagen BATTMan.
Intrigued? So were we! Let's read more!

Do you know what happens when the shelf life of a battery in an e-vehicle nears completion? If you did not know the answer, then fear not because Volkswagen has developed a new digital tool called BattMAN ReLife to measure it. This software is essentially capable of checking out the battery's health in a matter of just a few minutes. It is also a check system set to be used in Volkswagen's initial diagnosis in battery recycling. MWTV presents a few facts about this unique software system that you need to know more about.   

BattMAN ReLife and its great power of detection: 

Depending on capacity, this unique inspection system can detect a high voltage battery that you can use again in whole or in part. Furthermore, the check system also helps in providing the cell a second life by replenishing it via a mobile or stationary energy reservoir. The process of charging undertaken by this system is innovative.  

The development of the earliest BattMAN ReLife prototype: 

The quality assurance department of Audi Brussel was responsible for creatingBattMAN ReLife (Battery Monitoring Analysis Necessity). The main objective behind developing such a system was to help the brand quickly and reliably analyze the high voltage battery of Audi's E-tron model. In fact, as of today, this software has been developed to such an extent that several brands belonging to the Volkswagen group are using it as a diagnostic tool.  

Volkswagen Group and the BattMAN ReLife connection:    

The BattMAN ReLife system underwent further development under the guidance of recycling experts at the Volkswagen Group components. It was only after several months of intense programming and testing that this software finally emerged as a perfect solution for battery analysis. The best part about the arrival of this system was that it could provide a full assessment of a battery in few minutes. Earlier in the pre-digital world, it used to take several hours to study a car cell.  

The functioning of BattMAN ReLife system: 

The BattMAN ReLife system, when plugged into low voltage connectors first, helps detect whether or not the battery can communicate and transfer data firstly. This software then helps identify and display any error message, insulation resistance, capacity temperatures, and even cell voltages. In the words of Audi Brussel's Quality Engineer Axel Vanden Branden, this system enables the measurement of every battery parameter with precision. He further adds that BattMAN ReLife possesses a traffic light system, in which green light indicates that the cell is in good order, yellow means closer introspection of the cell is needed, and finally, red means the cell is out of order.  

The further development and now active use of the BattMAN ReLife system by Volkswagen is, therefore, a clear example of the success of innovation in the world of automobiles.  


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