The testing of the BMW iX5 Hydrogen model at the Arctic Circle concludes

Posted on 12-03-2022 by Suraj Dhirwani

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The BMW Ix5 Hydrogen model manufactured to create a carbon dioxide-free driving pleasure undergoes its final winter testing programme at the Arctic Circle.

The BMW Ix5 Hydrogen model manufactured to create a carbon dioxide-free driving pleasure is undergoing its final winter testing programme. This test is a part of the German luxury car brand's attempt to check the efficiency of this exclusive car on public roads. Furthermore, it is being carried out in Arjeplog, northern Sweden, at the BMW Group's testing centre. The intention behind opting for this test drive is also to go ahead with the development process for the BMW iX5 Hydrogen. To help you know more about the BMW Ix5 Hydrogen final testing process held at the Arctic Circle, MWTV presents this article to you.  

The BMW Ix5 Hydrogen and its all year round usability: 

The BMW Ix5 Hydrogen is currently undergoing test runs on ice and snow in Arjeplog. It is being done to have the power and efficiency of its hydrogen fuel cell drive system checked. It is also to ensure that this car is reliable and exudes the necessary comfort for a daily drive that this final test is being conducted. After thus far raking up more than a hundred sessions, it is evident that the hydrogen fuel cell drive system of this model has the capacity of fulfilling daily mobility requirements. And despite the presence of freezing conditions, it still can operate at full range. More importantly, the hydrogen tanks take only about three to four minutes to replenish, even during winter.  

The intention behind the manufacturing of the BMW Ix5 Hydrogen:

According to J├╝rgen Guldner, Vice President of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology and Vehicle Projects at the BMW Group, the fuel cell drive system of the BMW Ix5 Hydrogen is made to suit all types of climatic conditions. Furthermore, he adds that this vehicle is also made to promote high-quality carbon-free mobility for unrestricted everyday use. It will be, as per Guldner, also inclusive of short refuelling stops that are very similar to what is seen in a vehicle with an internal combustion engine.  

The engine system that drives the BMW Ix5 Hydrogen:  

An electric motor belonging to the 5th generation BMW eDrive Technology drives the BMW Ix5 Hydrogen model. The energy source for this automobile's engine system is stored in 700 bar tanks. These are made from carbon fibre reinforced plastic, also known as CRPF. It functions by converting hydrogen into electric power, generating an output of 125 kW/170 hp. The battery is charged from the fuel cell or via the energy recovery option. However, when stretched to the maximum limit, this car system can produce an output of 275 kW/374 hp. More importantly, the fuel cell's only emissions left behind are water vapour.

A unique driving system of BMW Ix5 Hydrogen model that is suitable for all needs:  

The vehicle has passed the ultimate endurance test at this final test conducted on the BMW Ix5 Hydrogen near the Arctic region. It covers all elements such as drive, storage, and control systems. Specially prepared ice surfaces and snow-clad roads at the BMW testing centre offered the perfect conditions to test the drive and chassis system of Ix5 Hydrogen. It also helped check for steering quality, springs and dampers, etc., and the interplay between friction brakes and deceleration. In addition, BMW Ix5 Hydrogen is much lighter than other electric vehicles in terms of weight. By combining fuel cells and a powerful battery, BMW has produced Ix5 Hydrogen to create a unique driving machine suitable for use on roads worldwide. It is made using advanced technology and is a car is all set to add another feather in the BMW Group's hat.   


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