New Wireless Technology gets tested by Volvo Cars.

Posted on 05-03-2022 by Suraj Dhirwani

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It is to prepare for a sustainable and electrified future in e-mobility that Volvo Cars are testing and integrating new wireless technology.

It is to prepare for a sustainable and electrified future in e-mobility that Volvo Cars are testing and integrating new wireless technology. Moreover, they are doing it in the presence of a live city environment in collaboration with a select few partners. The intention behind this brand initiative is to evaluate and determine the potential of e-drive for the future. To help you know more about this new wireless technology testing conducted by Volvo cars, MWTV presents to you this article.  

Fully electric Volvo Cars electric car model and the wireless charging technology: 

Over the last three years, Volvo Cars have produced a small fleet of Volvo XC40 Recharge cars used by Cab online, a popular and the largest taxi operator in the Nordic region. In addition, a few charging stations are provided by the company at Gothenberg Sweden for the electric cabs. The wireless charging test is included among the many initiatives undertaken within Gothenburg Green City Zone. Furthermore, these designated regions within the city are used to test the development of sustainable technologies.     

Volvo Cars, and its reason for involvement in developing new wireless technology: 

According to Mats Moberg, head of Research and Development at Volvo Cars, testing new charging technologies and selected partners is an excellent way to check for alternative charging options used for cars manufactured in the future. These charging stations generate energy through the charging pad, picked up by a receiver unit located in an electric vehicle. However, to align the car with the charging pad, all Volvo electric vehicles have been fitted with a 360-degree camera system. Furthermore, regarding models such as XC40 Recharge cars, the wireless charging system power will be more than 40 kW. It means it will have to charge speeds about four times faster than a wired 11 kW AC charger. It will approximately be as fast as a wired 50 kW DC rapid charger.  

Volvo Cars, its electric vehicles and its performance post undergoing wireless charging: 

Post wireless charging Volvo electric vehicles can be used for more than 12 hours per day and cover a distance of 100,000 km per year. A clear indication of the durability of the Volvo Cars model in terms of commercial usage. Other companies involved in the wireless charging project include Swedish retailers such as Volvo Bil and Volvo Car Sörred and energy company Vattenfall and its charging network.  

With Volvo Cars having launched the Gothenburg Green City Zone initiative just last year, the brand eventually intends to ‘Go Green’ to achieve carbon emission-free transport by 2030.  


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