Daimler-Benz group have joined forces with BP to move towards sustainable mobility

Posted on 18-11-2021 by Suraj Dhirwani

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BMW, alongside Daimler-Benz, has joined hands with BP to accelerate the growth of car electrification. The intention is to pave the way for sustainable mobility.

BMW, alongside Daimler-Benz, has joined hands with BP to become shareholders in Digital Charging Solution GmbH (DCS). The intention behind this collaboration is to accelerate the growth of electrification in mobility. The burning ambition of all the shareholders is to pave the way for sustainable mobility, to prepare for a future that is looking increasingly unstable. In terms of the partnership, BP BMW and Daimler-Benz each possess a 33.3% stake each. To know more about this development in electrified sustainable mobility, MWTV presents to you this blog. So, get ready to read on.   

 The desire of BMW Daimler-Benz and BP to make driving sustainable:  

The ultimate aim of BMW Daimler-Benz and BP investing together in Digital Charging Solution GmbH (DCS) is to stimulate the growth of electrified mobility. With the concept of climate change becoming more a reality than a myth, the need to make driving sustainable is slowly becoming the need of the hour. Therefore, automobile companies are now looking to electrify vehicles. BP is looking to have over 70,000 charge points in public all over the world by 2030.  

 DCS services a necessity for BMW Daimler-Benz and BP: 

If automobile brands want to take the concept of electrifying vehicles to the next level, then they need to use DCS or the Digital Charging Solution services. Simply because this company essentially collaborates with OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to integrate high-quality charging solutions into the eco-system of the automobile. The presence of DCS has transformed the landscape of the charging infrastructure by providing 85% coverage to about 29 European countries.  

 Reaping the benefits of extensive DCS and BP coverage: 

Both DCS and BP are set to provide automobile luxury brands such as BMW Daimler-Benz advanced charging services. These include plugs and charges, which ensures that electric vehicle consumer experiences a seamless charging experience. In addition, it means a reduction in the involvement of apps or cards during the charging of a car.

 Making electrification of cars a new normal objective of BP:

The senior Vice-President of BP, Richard Bartlett, believes that the company's objective is to make charging as convenient as refuelling using conventional fuel. He adds that the intention is to make electrifying a car fast, reliable, and highly integrated. The main idea he says is to deliver a world-class customer experience.  

 Taking vehicle electrification to the next level, the vision & mission of BMW Daimler-Benz:  

Gero Götzenberger, Director for Strategy and Digital Mobility Solutions, Daimler Mobility AG, feels that, by joining BP as a partner in using DCS, the company hopes to develop the electrification of cars further. This strategic collaboration he also feels shall help consumers get access to a user-friendly charging eco-system. Furthermore, Rainer Feurer, Senior Vice President of Investments at the BMW Group, also reinforces that the collaboration with BP will push forward the production of electric vehicles to electrify the future of mobility.  

More importantly, Jörg Reimann, CEO of Digital Charging Solutions GmbH, collaborates with BMW Daimler-Benz and BP to provide the largest network of electric charging points in Europe by continuing to design and deliver to client's services that they will forever remember.  


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