BMW launches the i4 eDrive 40 and i4 M50.

Posted on 24-01-2022 by Suraj Dhirwani

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BMW has, in December 2021, proudly announced the arrival of eDrive 40 and M50 in the i4 family. These models belong to BMW's fifth-generation 'eDrive.'

Brand BMW has, in December 2021, proudly announced the arrival of eDrive 40 and M50 in the i4 family. These models belong to BMW's fifth-generation 'eDrive.' Which perfectly blends the functionality and space of the gran coupe design with the delivery of instantaneous power. They also possess world-class driving dynamics, provide comfort, exudes elegance via design, and are made using delightful workmanship, cutting-edge technology, and infotainment. Thereby truly making these vehicles worthy of the moniker 'Ultimate Driving Machine' given to them. Here is MWTV presenting facts that you need to know about the BMW i4 eDrive 40 and i4 M50 models. 

The sustainability factor of the BMW i4 eDrive 40 and i4 M50 models: 

One unique feature that stands out in the BMW i4 eDrive 40 and M50 models is 'Sustainability.' So, be it sourcing materials used to produce the i4 or recycling of its components. Each step of the production chain is undertaken to keep in mind the need to reduce the carbon footprint of i4 vehicles to the minimum. One of BMW's initiatives has decided to use electricity generated from renewable resources. For example, the motor cases made from aluminum are made by the German luxury carmaker using green energy purely. For the i4 production, only hydroelectricity is used at the BMW Group Plant in Munich.   

The exquisite design of the eDrive 40 and M50 vehicles belonging to the BMW i4 family: 

'Intricate' is a word that would best describe the exterior of the BMW i4 eDrive 40 and M50 vehicles. It is mainly because these models are manufactured using aesthetics that are very 'Sporting' and pleasing to the eye. In the front end, there is the extremely attractive BMW kidney grille. Because of the small amount of cool air is blocked off. Furthermore, depending on the specification, the camera of these models are also integrated with ultrasonic and radar sensors. There are also air curtains on the bumper located on its outer edges. These help to efficiently direct air all around the wheels. The slim headlights have a sophisticated appearance expertly fit on the BMW kidney grille surface design. The lower section of the rear bumper is designed to improve aerodynamics by using a diffuser element.   

The 'Sport Boost Function' of the eDrive M50 engine: 

The engine of the BMW i4 M50 has in it a special 'Sport Boost Function,' which can be on-demand be activated by the driver. On stimulation, this tool serves to generate maximum acceleration. It helps produce a combined drive power of 67 hp to a max of 536 hp for over 10 seconds. At the same time, there is also a significant rise in the overall torque from 48 lb-ft to 586 lb-ft. 

If the high-voltage battery of the BMW i4 M50 has enough charge then, the activation of the Sport Boost Function several times in succession is possible.  

BMW i4 models and their Intelligent Driving Assistance Systems: 

There is a wide range of driver assistance systems that the BMW i4 offers, which are among the finest in the market. Among those that stand out are the automated driving and parking systems. It mainly is because of its multiple range functionality. There are about forty assistance functions made available in the BMW i4 vehicles. They help enhance the safety and comfort of passengers in the car while on the drive. That too under any adverse type of climatic conditions and unclear road situations. It also has a modern chassis technology that gives the client an overall customer satisfaction of the highest order.  

With great pride, BMW announced the release of 4 eDrive40 and i4 M50 models to end 2021 on a great note, and only time will tell whether the launching of new vehicles will help the brand enjoy a prosperous 2022 or not.   


BMW i4 eDrive 40 and M50


Lithium-ion Battery 5th gen. electric synchronous

Maximum Power Output

335 and 536 hp

Maximum Torque

317 and 586 Nm

Acceleration (0-60 kmph)

5.5 and 3.7 seconds

Top Speed

118 and 130/140 mph


Single Speed

Fuel Type


Fuel Tank Capacity


Gross Weight

4680 and 5018 pounds


4783 mm


1852 mm


57.5 inches


112.4 inches

Boot Space

470 litres


301 miles

Price INR

80 lakhs INR


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