BMW launches iX xDrive50 to redefine the Sports Activity Vehicle concept

Posted on 27-01-2022 by Suraj Dhirwani

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With a great deal of pride, BMW had announced the launch of the iX xDrive50 model. It was conceived as a vehicle specifically meant for electric mobility.

In December 2021, BMW, with a great deal of pride, announced the iX xDrive50 model launch. It was conceived as a vehicle meant for electric mobility from the very beginning. Furthermore, the intention behind creating this sporty automobile is to take Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) concept to the next level, which means that the BMW iX edition is also developed to provide the passengers with mobility and its comfort exhilarating driving experience to remember. Here is MWTV presenting basic facts you need to know about the BMW iX xDrive50.   

The BMW iX xDrive50's exquisitely crafted body and chassis design: 

The BMW iX xDrive50 has been intelligently made using a mix of materials that helps minimize weight and maximize rigidity exerts a beneficial effect on passive safety, driving dynamics, and electric power consumption. The materials used include high-performance thermoplastics such as CFRP high-strength steel and aluminium. Such innovative materials give this vehicle its slim profile and sleek look. By fitting a lightweight CFRP side frame, the BMW iX xDrive50 decreases the vehicle's weight and keeps its centre of gravity at its lowest.  

An Innovative system powering the BMW iX xDrive50 model: 

A ''5th Generation of BMW eDrive'' comprising an electric motor, power electronics, and transmission drives the BMW iX xDrive50. This engine system is designed to ensure that a power density is at least 30% greater than what earlier systems generated is produced. The latest electric motor used in the iX xDrive50 series and manufactured by the BMW Group possesses an efficiency factor of 93%. And this automobile is proven to be 40% more efficient than those motors found in combustion engines. 

The driving power churned out by the BMW eDrive system is properly channelled through a single-speed transmission. The shortest available is installed to the front and rear wheels along the path. The chassis control system is linked to the centrally linked electric drive. It leads to the precise and rapid metering of the drive power depending on the driving situation and road condition. 

 The high-voltage battery of the BMW iX xDrive50:  

Manufactured using the ''State-of-the-Art'' technology is the high-voltage battery of the BMW iX xDrive50 model. It is the integral component of the 5th Generation of BMW eDrive'' system used in this new BMW vehicle. It is essentially a lithium-ion battery whose gravimetric energy density has increased by 20% compared to the batteries belonging to the previous generation. However, this latest battery is excellent in quality since it displays versatility in characteristics as varied as charging, discharging, durability, and safety. The production of BMW iX xDrive50'sxDrive50's quality battery directly results from relentless research and development work undertaken by the BMW Group. 

Aerodynamics of the BMW iX xDrive50 of the wheels: 

The BMW iX xDrive50 car possesses ''Ait Performance'Performance' light-alloy wheels. These are fitted with innovative tires that BMW has specially designed for the iX model. It includes a feature whose function is to manage noise reduction. Furthermore, the sound is reduced when the foam on the inner surface of the tire absorbs the noise produced by vibrations in the cavity. In addition, there is also a tire diagnosis function available that can help guide the owner about the wear and tear of the tire. It is made possible by the data processed and delivered by the Tire Pressure Monitor.   

 With the introduction of the X xDrive50 brand, BMW most importantly wants to present the public with a vehicle that exudes world-class design, sustainability, connectivity, and provision of digital services. 


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