Audi collaborates with Ken Block for future Electric cars

Posted on 04-10-2021 by Suraj Dhirwani

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Ken Block, who has earned name and fame as a rally cross driver, is all set to collaborate with Audi to electrify the future of driving.

Ken Block, who has earned name and fame as a rally cross driver since 2005, is all set to collaborate with Audi on several electric mobility projects. Block is also widely famous worldwide for producing videos in which he is seen driving high-performance vehicles. However, this collaboration with Audi completes his life circle since he believes this German car brand inspired him to take up motorsport as a career. This article provides details of the new partnership between Ken and Audi that MWTV presents to you. So, please scroll below to move and read on to know more.  

A joint venture imbued with burning flames of passion: 

 According to Block, he chose to join hands with Audi simply because he is passionate about innovation as the automobile brand. He is particularly looking forward to teaming up with Audi to push boundaries in the field of electric mobility. His first visit to this automobile manufacturer turned out to be true, with him being able to ride several historic races and rally cars. He also tests the most powerful electric car in the market, the AUDI AG model range. He also stated that “The design was exquisite with great attention paid to details as well as a perfect finish. “ In terms of the driving experience, he further stated that the car was extremely fast, the center of gravity low, therefore changing direction becomes easy. 

Block and Audi’s belief in Electrification of automobiles:   

 “Electric mobility is the future,” says Block. He also feels that the electric car is the need of the hour in human society today. Simply because such an electrified automobile will help reduce carbon emissions to make the earth a better if not perfect place to live. More importantly, Ken says electric car is also about performance and, when driven, does generate speed. As for Audi, its Board Member for Technical Development Oliver Hoffmann, it is clear that the brand is looking to push the envelope each day in terms of mobility. Moreover, the main objective of Audi, which stands for ‘Vorsprung Durch Technik’ according to Hoffmann, is to seek excellence in progressive design, innovative technology, and the broad digital ecosystem.   

A vision and mission compatibility shared by Ken Block and Audi: 

 The head of Audi Henrik Wenders says that the brand and Block share the same vision and ultimately are on a mission to help globalize automobile electrification. He also states Ken’s unique ability to inspire people around him with his progressive thinking as one of the main reasons for this collaboration. In other words, Wenders believes that joining forces with Block would enable the brand to electrify the future of humanity, which is their long-term goal indeed. 

  With Audi looking to change the motorsport/ landscape through the use of innovation along with Ken Block, exciting times certain lie ahead for this luxurious car brand.  

We can't wait to see Ken Block make donuts in an electric car! Are you excited?


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