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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Celebrates Bespoke At Salon Privé 2021

Starting 1st September 2021, the jet-setting group from the upper echelons of life attend the Salon Privé, an exclusive Concours d’Elégance in the grounds of Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire. To match the tone of luxury at this gathering., Rolls-Royce Motor Cars will showcase two highly Bespoke commissions of Black Badge Wraith and Black Badge Cullinan.

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Audi stopping IC Engines

Audi have officially announced, as part of their ‘Vorsprung 2030’ strategy: - All new Audi models launched in 2026, an onwards, will be all electric. Only. - Audi will gradually phase out and ultimately stop production of internal combustion engines (ICE) by 2033.

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Boys and Machines - Making dreams come true.

Car enthusiasts are a different breed. We dream cars, we drool cars, and sometimes we manage to achieve our dreams. As an petrol-head what moves us is not just the design, or a set of features. The sheer power or driving dynamics when going around a corner – these are things that make our hearts fill up with joy. The bitter truth is, not all cars can manage this feat. At the same time, we can’t always afford all cars that can manage to make our hearts beat in a rhythm with the engine.

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Bugatti opens doors in Singapore

Bugatti strengthens its presence in Asia by opening a swanky new first ever dealership in Singapore. The new dealership is located south of Singapore’s Botanic Gardens and the venture is a partnership with Wearnes, a leading luxury automotive retailer established in 1906. The showroom has already opened its doors to the discerning friends of the brand. If Bugatti had to open it’s doors in India, which city do you think, they should open up.

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BMW cars get as colourful as life

BMW starts production of the BMW 1 Series & BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe in individual paint work finishes, with choices of upto 160 colours at their Leipzig Plant. What began as a motto of an associate initiative on diversity awareness amongst the members in Leipzig plant, now has gained additional momentum with the motto- “Cars as colourful as us”, literally being extended to individual car paints.

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Boys and Machines venture in after sales service for premium cars

While we all drool over premium luxury cars, there are 2 things that often hold us back from indulging in our fantasies of owning one of them. The first is the price and the second is service or maintenance cost. We may dream of owning a BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar, Volvo for our daily commute. Some of these deliver amazing fuel efficiency figures too. But the one thing that we are always concerned about is ‘After Sales & Service’.

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