BMW announces Concept XM to redefine power and luxury

Posted on 14-12-2021 by Suraj Dhirwani

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At the 2021 Miami Beach show held in November, the BMW M GmbH introduced its Concept XM model to present an automobile developed using a radical concept.

At the 2021 Miami Beach show held in November, BMW introduced its Concept XM model. The intention behind launching such a vehicle is to present the world with an automobile developed using a radical concept. It is all set to go into production at the end of 2022. The 'Eco-Friendly' Concept of electrification is being manufactured to provide drivers and passengers with an extraordinary driving experience. To help you glean essential information about the BMW Concept XM vehicle, MWTV presents this article. 

Development of BMW Concept XM model to create a new niche in the luxury car segment:

BMW M GmbH is bringing the Concept XM automobile to the public to find a new space within the luxe vehicle industry. As per Domagoj Dukec, Vice President BMW Design, the BMW Concept XM is designed to make a statement within the luxury car manufacturing segment. He adds that the idea behind its creation is to embody an expressive lifestyle like no other BMW model available in the stable.   

Focus on an innovative front end design for BMW Concept XM to maximize its presence:   

'Progressive' is a word that best defines the front-end design of the Concept XM. It possesses headlights split into two separate modules, a feature that gives it a very appealing appearance. The grille possessing the shape of kidney with horizontal slats, is situated between the headlights, tapers towards the outside edge. It then produces a near octagonal outline that adds dynamism to the overall character of the front end. In addition, enclosed within an intricate surrounding float the black kidney grille elements. More importantly, the presence of a new XM logo on the kidney grille with large air intakes has been developed to support the true power of the V8 engine, which in turn is connected with the electric motor to form an M Hybrid System. 

A Powerful Rear End of BMW Concept XM exuding class and stature:   

The rear end of the Concept XM is designed to accentuate the overall personality of the vehicle.  The rear window is in a very seamless manner mounted. Two BMW roundels are etched on the rear window below the cantrails using a laser to appear very stylish. At the lower end of the rear are the ever noticeable flared wheel arches whose function is to draw attention to the stance of the BMW Concept XM while on the road. It has sleek L-shaped rear lights that extend themselves across the rear's width to add a bit of style. Furthermore, the dual branch twin tailspin exhaust system also helps reduce the backpressure generated from the V8 engine. Finally, the tailpipes and their vertical arrangement and hexagonal shape add life to the iconic design element. 

The Luxurious Interior of BMW Concept XM and its high performance: 

'A Progressive Feel' is what the ambiance surrounding the interior of the BMW Concept XM exudes. It comprises of exquisitely designed instrument panel, center console, door trim, and seats. They have been crafted using powerful geometry and high-quality materials. The presence of brown vintage-looking leather, copper, and carbon fiber bridges the gap between luxury and motorsport. A trim ensures a visual separation between the driver's area and other interior sections. Inside the cockpit area of BMW Concept XM, a decorative surface made from carbon fiber interwoven with copper thread gives it a sporty look. A BMW Curved Display also balances the modernity of digital presentation and traditional use of driver focus. The steering wheel and the center console are created using M-specific references and highlight the sporting intention for which this car is specifically made. 

The unique operating system of the BMW Concept XM: 

Because of the 'BMW iDrive,' the M-specific version of the control system helps BMW Concept XM deliver a high performance. 

The vehicle is available in three M colors, with the user interface lending a next to perfection sporty driving experience. It is available in two modes, i.e., hybrid drive mode and pure electric driving mode. Apart from the different BMW Concept XM styles available, a general captivating overall aesthetic appeal is truly worth appreciating. 

Above all, according to Franciscus van Meel, CEO of BMW, the move to initiate the Concept XM series production shows how the brand is slowly taking baby steps towards complete electrification. 


BMW Concept XM


Plug-In-Hybrid Powertrain (PHEV) V8 Petrol Engine

Maximum Power Output

750 hp

Maximum Torque

1000 Nm

Acceleration (0-100 kmph)


Top Speed

300 kmph



Fuel Type


Fuel Tank Capacity


Gross Weight



5,151 mm


1,990 mm




122.2 inch

Boot Space



30 miles or 80 km

Price INR

Rs 1.1 Crore approximately


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