Porsche introduces once again iconic colours for all models to promote retro style.

Posted on 08-01-2022 by Nilesh Sawant

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Porsche is set to extend its colours range and make it available for all editions. Through the Paint to Sample Plus and Paint to Sample Plus programs.

Porsche Exclusive ‘Manufaktur’ is set to extend its exterior colours range and make it available for all its model editions. It includes providing Paint to Sample Plus and Paint to Sample Plus options. However, the main focus of the German luxury car brand is making available classic Porsche colours. Especially for those clients who specifically request their model to be painted with a hue from the past. In addition, an option to create special bespoke shades as per the customer’s specification is also being provided by the carmaker. It is to help you know more about Porsche’s plan to enable clients to own a model painted in a ‘Colour of the Retro’ age that MWTV presents in this article.   

Porsche and its idea to bring back ‘Retro’ colour scheme: 

Brand Porsche to enhance the individualization strategy, also known as customization, is renaming a program earlier known as ‘Custom Colour’ to ‘Paint Sample’. This scheme, wherein you can choose a shade for the model of your choice, includes predefined colours approved by paint specialists. For example, hues such as Maritime Blue, Rubystar Red, and Mint Green. These are essentially a list of cult colours of Porsche that fans appreciated during the ’90s. Moreover, these shades are exclusively offered only on the 911 (Type 964) model.  

Diversity of the Porsche ‘Paint to Sample’ custom colour program: 

The new Porsche ‘Paint to Sample’ colour range introduced is very diverse in terms of variety. It is dependent on the model edition and the location of its production. It means that for certain automobile series such as 911 and 718, there are over hundred paint colours available to select from. Furthermore, you can choose from more than fifty options for Porsche vehicles such as the Panamera, Macan and Cayenne. At the same time, Taycan drivers can pick from a list consisting of sixty-five exterior colours. More importantly, you can order the hue for your Porsche model using the ‘Paint to Sample’ scheme while undergoing the configuration process of a new vehicle.  

The benefits and feasibility of the Porsche ‘Paint to Sample’ Plus hue palette:  

To take colour customization in the vehicle to the next level, Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur goes a step further by presenting a ‘Paint to Sample Plus’ program. It is a scheme that helps you select a shade for your car almost freely. However, this option package is limited for use on the 911, 718 and Taycan models. The procedure used in this program involves the client handing his/her desirable shade of car to the nearest Porsche Centre. It is this sample that is sent for expert analysis at the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. It is on the recommendations made by the specialist that the Porsche automobile exterior is painted. The hue is created by coloration professionals using available paints components. The feasibility of the colour is tested under production conditions on the car body and other parts. As for cost of such a test, it is brand Porsche that will bear all expenses. Additionally, consultation for the ‘Paint to Sample Plus’ program and its pricing is available worldwide in Porsche centres.  


With regards to this unique colour range selection offer Alexander Fabig, Head of Individualisation and Classic at Porsche, believes that, by presenting this offer, the brand is attempting to revive cult-classic colours and extend its extensive range of more than 160 shades across all model editions.  


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