Team India BMW Motorrad to participate in the Motorrad Internation GS

Posted on 04-01-2022 by Nilesh Sawant

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Team India to make a Dash at the BMW Motorrad International GS announced.

BMW Motorrad officially announced the team to represent India at the Mottorad International GS event. The final members underwent selection from multi-city qualifiers organized across the country. They turned out to be a ‘Trinity’ or what in Hindu mythology we know as ‘Trimurti,’ who were Rameez Mullick from Kolkata, Chowda Gowda from Bangalore, and Adib Javanmardi from Pune. During these regional qualifiers, a female GS rider took part in the qualification competition for the first time. It meant participating in the final BMW Motorrad International GS event. Here is an article from MWTV explaining all the key facts about the Motorrad International GS challenge you need to know.  

The BMW Motorrad International GS, an event that symbolizes excellence in riding: 

As per Mr. Vikram Pawah, President of BMW Group India, the Motorrad International GS is a hallmark event featuring world-class riding and teamwork. He further added that participants need to raise the performance bar to the next level to bring home the international GS Trophy and enhance the spirit of working as a team. Pawah, however, more important felt that the competitors must above all look to make this a memorable experience that they cherish to the fullest.   

The reason behind the creation and development of the BMW Motorrad International GS:   

IN ITS ESSENCE, the BMW Motorrad International GS is not a race but a team competition. The intention is to pit all the GS-riding international contingent through a series of challenges (not all involving riding) against each other.  

The motto and host of the BMW Motorrad International GS:  

The tagline or theme of the eighth edition of the BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy is ‘Explore the unexpected’. It is also set to be organized in the late summer of 2022, with Albania (according to insiders) most likely becoming the host country for this event. This reason is seriously being considered rich flora, fauna, and culture. It would also mean that riders worldwide can look forward to exploring pristine and picturesque beauty while on the ride. They can also, in addition, experience the #SpiritOfGS.  

Team India get set and ready to leave a mark at the BMW Motorrad International GS: 

The ‘Trimurti’ to represent India at the BMW Motorrad International GS event to be held most likely in Albania are fully ‘Equipped’ by BMW Motorrad. They are also ‘Geared’ to make the country proud, ready to face the challenge and enjoy the adventure ahead. The competition for India will be stiff and include teams from Brazil, Germany, Japan, South East Asia, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.  

The adrenaline gushing BMW Motorrad International GS:   

Due to that rush of adrenaline-type vibe that the third edition of BMW Motorrad International GS exuded, which attracted many participants such as the owners of BMW GS. Some of the activities in this competition are hardcore adventure riding and teamwork challenges. In addition, there are special tests, including an exhibition of riding capability, technique, navigation, fitness, mental alertness, and mechanical skills.    

 The organizers of this riding event also seek to foster a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood among the participants and encourage humanity to show more respect towards the environment. 


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