Volvo is ready to commit to creating Zero-emission vehicles and maintaining carbon neutrality.

Posted on 13-12-2021 by Nilesh Sawant

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Volvo Cars, led by its chief executive Samuelsson has signed the Glasgow Declaration on Zero Emission Cars and Vans to increase the production of zero-emission vehicles.

In November, chief executive of Volvo Cars Håkan Samuelsson, will join hands with the automobile industry and world leaders to endorse the Glasgow Declaration on Zero Emission Cars and Vans. At a United Nations climate change conference COP26 organized in Scotland. Simultaneously, this Swedish automobile brand committed itself to introducing a carbon price of 1,000 SEK for every tonne of carbon emission released worldwide. This move was taken by Volvo Cars to become a climate-neutral company by 2040. To know more about the commitment made by Volvo to create automobiles producing zero emissions and thereby maintaining carbon neutrality in the environment, MWTV presents to you this article. 

The unveiling of the declaration at the UN COP26 conference and Volvo participation:  

It was at the COP26 conference held this November as a part of 'World Transport Day' that the Glasgow Declaration was first launched. This event brought together leaders representing various governments and the automotive industry, including the chief executive of Volvo Cars, Håkan Samuelsson. They all pledged to gradually but surely eventually phase out fossil fuel vehicles within the leading markets by 2035 and all over the globe by 2040. 

The primary goal of Volvo with regards to achieving its climate action targets: 

In terms of creating 'Eco-Friendly' vehicles to enable the development of a sustainable future on planet earth, Volvo Cars have set themselves goals that go beyond those mentioned in the Glasgow declaration. One of the objectives of this Scandinavian automotive brand is to globally generate sales, mainly through the selling of electric vehicles by 2025. And by 2030, it seeks to become a full-time electric car manufacturer.  

Volvo's signing of declaration an endorsement to its commitment towards Zero-emission: 

It is to encourage the creation of 'Eco-Friendly' vehicles to enable the development of a sustainable future that Volvo Cars signed the declaration at the COP26 event held in Glasgow. The intention behind the commitment shown by the Swedish car brand is to get the world to accelerate the process of phasing out fossil fuel cars together. Since according to Samuelsson, it is almost impossible for the brand to develop zero-emission transport alone. And therefore, he further adds that it is indeed a great feeling to come in unison with the government and car industry representatives from around the world to sign the declaration and take action that is right for the climate.  

Volvo, the first automobile company, to create a mechanism for carbon pricing: 

The adage "Action speaks louder than words" is what Volvo Cars truly believes in, and as a result, they took the initiative to be the first carmaker to develop a carbon pricing system. More importantly, the brand's price has been fixed higher than the figure recommended by the International Energy Agency organisations. As for the future, Volvo intends to continue ahead of the regulatory curve regarding carbon pricing. They anticipate and appreciate that many more governments will soon implement carbon pricing. 

 Volvo's sustainable future car project plans: 

'Sustainability sense-check is what Volvo Cars intends to introduce in every future project they undertake. It means that a CO2 cost will be applied to every anticipated tonne of carbon emissions generated within the car's lifecycle. The overall objective of this scheme is to ensure that every Volvo model would be profitable even with strict carbon pricing being imposed.  

Above all, as per Björn Annwall, the chief financial officer of Volvo Cars, a global and fair CO2 pricing is the need of the hour if the world wants to successfully meet the challenges thrown by climate. 

He also believes that innovative companies such as Volvo should take the lead in creating internal carbon prices by evaluating future cars on their CO2 adjusted profitability. Mainly because doing so, he feels, will actual help identify and reduce carbon emissions and thereby create a sustainable future for all living beings on planet earth.  

This isn't the first pro-active step that Volvo has taken towards this goal.


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