Porsche To Let Customers Design Their Very Own One-off Cars

Posted on 18-05-2021 by Suraj Dhirwani

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Porsche has decided to extend its individualization program and let its customers design their own one-off Porsche sports cars.

Porsche has decided to extend its individualization program and let its customers design their own one-off Porsche sports cars. The German car company pursues this goal with its business divisions Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, Porsche Tequipment and Porsche Classic. This means customers get various personalization options of Porsche sports cars, turning them into unique one-offs.

As part of its Co-Creation strategy, Porsche is offering a new interpretation of the legendary “Sonderwunsch” (special request) program of the late 70s and will make it possible for customers to design unique one-off cars in the future – co-created by customer and brought to life by Porsche. The sports car manufacturer is offering new, used and classic vehicles and is extending personalization options directly in the Car Configurator. “Starting with new possibilities for individualization and personalization of individual components, through the additional range of Performance Parts, up to realization of uniquely individualized sports cars, we have the right option for every customer” says Alexander Fabig, Vice President Individualization and Classic.

How will this go about? Through personal customer consultations during the configuration process!

  • The Tequipment division will offer numerous accessory products and retrofit options. The initial range of 150 parts has now grown to 500 Tequipment options to choose from.
  • The Porsche Classic is focusing on spare parts supply and factory restorations of the brand’s road-approved cars. Complete restorations are available for all cars prior to the 966 generation of the 911, and the Boxter Type 986 and Carrera GT. The current spare parts range includes more than 60,000 items. Along with this each year Porsche issues 300 spare parts that are not available anymore as well as new accessory, lifestyle or performance-enhancing parts.
  • The Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur is expanding the range of products that can be personalized. Currently customers can choose from 700 Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur options but significantly more options are said to be available in the future.

For example, exterior wrap options, prints on floor mats, illuminated door entry guards and logo projectors on the doors. Personalization options include colors, logos, lettering and text and is done by using a digital application in the Porsche Car Configurator. For example, customers can have their own signature embossed on elements on the leather-cover on the center console. Personalized wraps and decals on selected exterior areas and custom paint finishes on the wheels are also part of the range. In addition, customers can choose to become designers themselves in the process.

Imagine being able to create your very own one in the world Porsche sports car!

How would you like to customize your Porsche Sports car? Let us know in the comments section below!



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