Bugatti celebrated the 100 years of its Type 13 Brescia Quadruple Victory

Posted on 01-10-2021 by Suraj Dhirwani

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Since the centenary year of Bugatti Type 13 cars taking top four positions at the Vetturette racing event was fast approaching, Bugatti decided to commemorate it in grand style.

At Gran Premio Delle Vetturette 100 years ago, four Bugatti Type 13 cars took the top four positions at a racing event. This 17.3 kilometers long Circuito De Montichiari comprising of 60 laps, was set in the towns of Montichiari and Brescia. Now, since this century of this occasion was fast approaching, Bugatti decided to commemorate it in grand style. Here is ‘MWTV’ through this article showing you facts explaining why this luxury car manufacturer plans to celebrate its Type 13 Brescia Quadruple victory stylishly. 

A celebration organized for a victory to remember: 

 ‘40’ historic Bugatti cars drove were driven on the beautiful route around Lake Garda to celebrate the 100th year of the Type 13 Brescia Quadruple victory. This event occurred between September 12th and September 16th, 2021. Both the starting and the finishing point of the victory commemoration was the city of Brescia. This occasion was organized by the Bugatti Club Italia simply because they are passionate fans of the luxury car brand. In fact, for over 35 years (way before Bugatti’s first modern super sports car EB 110, was created in 1991), this club has ensured that the rich history and legacy are kept alive and kicking.

The role of Type 13 Brescia automobile in the victory and the Bugatti history: 

In 1921, the launch of Type 13 ‘Brescia’ car by Bugatti proved to be the turning point in the history of motorsport. The light bodywork, superior chassis, and powerful engine ensured that it drove down its competition to dust. As a result, this Type 13 Brescia car, while racing in the Gran Premio Delle Vetturette event 100 years ago, managed to perform at top speed and with a lot of precision to drive to victory. It was also a one-of-a-kind full sports car that ushered in the end of the very large and heavy sports car era. 

Driver of Type 13 Brescia and his contribution to the Type 13 Brescia victory:   

French driver and mechanic Ernest Jules Friedrich drove one of the Bugatti Type 13 ‘Brescia’ cars to victory. Participating in the Voiturette category, he completed all the laps with great concentration by taking every corner with precise driving and the use of perfect speed. He eventually finished up above his teammates Pierre de Vizcaya, Michel Baccoli, and Pierre Marco. This feat by Friedrich the other drivers and the Type 13 ‘Brescia’ car presented by Bugatti cemented this French luxury car brand’s name in the motorsport industry.   

With the instant success of the Type 13 ‘Brescia’ car 100 years ago at the Gran Premio Delle Vetturette, many other models, such as the Bugatti Type 35, was produced. However, it was the Type 13 that set the wheels of fortune rolling for the French luxury car brand, and therefore the reason why it was celebrated now 100 years later.   

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