Bridgestone launches a one-of-a-kind institution in India that provides Mobility Solutions.

Posted on 13-04-2022 by Nilesh Sawant

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A state-of-the-art institution providing all types of automotive solutions is officially inaugurated in India by Bridgestone to improve the skillset of stakeholders.

A state-of-the-art institution that provides for all types of automotive solutions is officially inaugurated in India by Bridgestone. Through this modern facility, this Japanese automobile company plans to provide all its stakeholders, including dealers, partners, and employees, with an opportunity to enhance their tire technology knowledge. Bridgestone specifically makes this business move since the brand places immense importance on the concepts of knowledge sharing, learning, and self-developments. MWTV presents a few facts about Bridgestone's Institute of Mobility Solutions in India. 

The objective of Bridgestone in creating an institute of Mobility Solutions in India: 

The decision to release the Mobility Solutions institute in India by Bridgestone is taken to help update all stakeholders in the company concerning advancements in tire technology. Furthermore, the intention is to educate the employees and stakeholders about new mobility solutions trends and product features. Most importantly, creating this institution aims to enhance the automobile industry concerning creation, selling, and providing service within it.    

Introduction of the AR/VR functions within the Bridgestone Institute of Mobility Solutions in India: 

Augmented and Virtual reality is one of the major attractions showcased at this Bridgestone Mobility Solutions institute launched in India. These devices are developed to ensure that all stakeholders get real-time solutions for damaged tires or even assistance for technicians at remote locations. It will entail a tire shop available in a virtual world through which the applications and advantages of the products can be thoroughly viewed and studied.  

The basic set-up of the Bridgestone Mobility Solutions Institution in India:  

Bridgestone has ensured that leaders and domain leaders lead the faculty of the Mobility Solutions Institution from within the organization. The institute has a 'Tyre Experience Zone,' a tire lab that shows the tire's lifecycle from raw material to the final product. 

In addition, the Tyre Explosion Stage is also explained from a technical understanding point of view. In the premise of this unique institute, there are e-learning modules that are remotely accessible. It also hosts a fully well-equipped in-house comprising of content creation capabilities.   

As for a reason behind launching this Mobility Solutions Institution, Parag Satpute, Managing Director, Bridgestone India, admitted that the aim was to improve the skills of the relevant stakeholders by using best practices used worldwide. He also commented that this one-of-its-kind concept was introduced to comprehensively enhance India's skill set in the growing mobility market. Only time will tell how successful this decision turns out to be. 


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