BMW iDrive 7 Software Update released

Posted on 04-10-2021 by Suraj Dhirwani

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To keep up and cater to changing times and needs of the customer, BMW has introduced a few new features in its cars via a simple OTA Software update

'Change is the only constant in life is an English adage that holds for all things, including automobile technology. So it is to keep up and cater to changing times and needs of the customer, BMW has introduced a few new features in its cars. These include Amazon Alexa for iDrive 7, Uneven Road Surface warning, and Remote Engine Start on demand. Here is MWTV through this article, providing you with the few essential facts you need to know about the new features introduced by BMW in the summer of 2021.  

Amazon Alexa that provides for navigation:  

One of BMW's latest gadgets to be added to iDrive 7 is the Amazon Alexa Car Integration. It is a widget that allows the driver to ask Alexa for directions while on the drive. The passenger can also get their favourite song played when on the go. Additionally, this appliance allows you to control your smart home remotely, all from the comfort of your BMW. However, for your iDrive 7 BMW to have this feature, you will need to have software that belongs to the 21-03 level or is newer.  

Engine that preconditions vehicle from a remote area:  

 The Remote Engine Start on demand is yet another device that BMW has introduced. It allows you to manage your car temperature if in case the Engine blows hot or cold. That too within the comfort of your home or office. Thereby making daily commuting very convenient. This gadget can be downloaded and installed via Remote Software Upgrade over the air. This appliance was first available in all BMW vehicles since MY2019. However, you can currently acquire it as 'Function on Demand' by buying it at the Connected Drive Store.

An unique uneven road surface detector:    

Above all, there is the Uneven Road Surface feature that BMW has made available. Especially for vehicles possessing the Live Cockpit Professional (option code 6U3) and vehicle software 20-07, as well as its newer versions. It helps the car to register road imperfections immediately. Thereby ensuring that the driver and the passenger enjoy a pleasant journey to their final destination. On compatible vehicles, this gadget will be added by BMW for no additional cost.       

So, the above-mentioned digital devices have been specially created for you by BMW to ensure that you enjoy a drive to remember daily.  

To gain more useful insights about luxury cars, visit MWTV today to read it and get to learn all about automobiles as well as the 'Need for Speed.'    


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