Bentley celebrates 70 years of Design team at Crewe

Posted on 26-10-2021 by Suraj Dhirwani

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Bentley, the luxurious British automobile brand, was seventy years ago, first created its design department in Crewe, which makes it a perfect time for the brand to honour the event.

It was 70 years ago that Bentley, the luxurious British automobile brand, first created its design department in Crewe, which makes it the perfect occasion and gives the brand an ideal reason to celebrate away in style. The first model released by Bentley designed at Crewe was R-Type Continental by John Blachley, the head of styling. Here is the MWTV presenting to you a few facts, explaining how Bentley is seeking to commemorate the event that helped create an identity for itself in the form of design within human society. 

Bentley designers looking to take car design to the next level: 

According to Andreas Mint, Director of Design Bentley, the designers of this luxurious car brand are not involved in developing the design further. They intend to do it by reshaping the classic shape of their automobiles in accordance to the needs of the modern-day customer. The other major objective of Bentley, considering the world we live in, is to present sustainable products. Hence Bentley designers have begun making use of recyclable materials in production. They are also looking to find new methods to ensure that automobiles produced by the brand possess a low carbon footprint throughout the lifecycle.  

Increased use of digital tools by Bentley designers to design:  

The world we live in these days is becoming very digital. As a result, the designers at Bentley have begun using scanning equipment to enable faster assessments of 3-D models. That too, at an accuracy rate of 100th of a millimetre. However, during the earlier days, the Bentley designers visualize three-dimension drawings of the car model design. These manual measurements would be used as a cross-reference to create the final design of automobiles.  

Usage of Virtual Reality centric car design tools by Bentley designers:  

As per Darren Day, the head of Interior Design at Bentley, the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled the brand to adapt and evolve. Furthermore, it meant having to work with two designer colleagues located in different parts of the globe. It was made possible by virtual reality tools, which enabled design reviews and design assessments to be made digitally and not physically.   

The focus of Bentley designers on the vehicle of the future: 

It is a fact that the Battery Electric Vehicle is the future of the automobile industry. Brand Bentley has realized this, so they are looking to create an exquisite design for the electric car that will capture the buyer's imagination. Along with the design aspect, this British luxury automobile manufacturer is also looking to provide its client with the latest technology.  

So, with Bentley having completed seventy years of establishing its design and thereby its brand personality. It has decided to celebrate the anniversary by constantly adapting to changing times in terms of design. After all, it is only by following the old English adage "Change is the only constant in life" that you can taste success.   


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