iX, BMW's first electric all-wheel-drive vehicle launched in India

Posted on 25-12-2021 by Nilesh Sawant

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'Born Electric' or iX is BMW's first-ever all-wheel electric vehicle officially launched in India.

'Born Electric' or iX is BMW's first-ever all-wheel electric vehicle officially launched in India. It is the first model produced by the German luxury car brand having no numbers in its designation. Furthermore, this car has specifically been designed to combine world-class mobility and sporting agility. It also comprises a large space and operating range and is available in a completely built-up unit known as 'CBU'. At the moment, this edition is available for booking through BMW dealership stores available across all metropolitan cities in India and online at To know more about the BMW iX Series, MWTV present to you this article.  

The intention behind creating the BMW Ix model: 

'Ultimate Driving Machine' is the term the President, BMW Group India, Mr. Vikram Pawah, used to describe the first-ever BMW iX vehicle. He believes that the production of this automobile consisting of the latest eDrive technology, functionality of X5, dynamics of X6, and the elegance of X7 appearance is essentially a symbol of a new age. Pawah further states that the Born Electric or iX is BMW model is manufactured using the basic principles of sustainability throughout its shelf life. He added that it is more than a car, a modern way of life, and gives you that feeling of 'Joy' to be born again.   

The availability of 'Stealth' Technology of the BMW Ix series:  

Shy Tech is a form of 'Stealth' technology available in the BMW Ix edition, which generally remains out of sight. This tool's exterior and interior features only become visible when in use. It includes camera, radar tech, proximity sensors in body edging, flush door openers, washer under the front logo, camera with washer in rear logo, speakers that are integrated, BMW Head-Up Display's projector recessed into the instrument panel and an intelligent BMW kidney grille with sensors. 

Exquisitely designed exterior and interior of the BMW Ix car model edition: 

It uses a sculptural and monolithic exterior design that characterizes the BMW Ix automobile. Intricately, it has been crafted to enhance comfort and ease of mobility. More importantly, while doing so, the brand also wants to ensure that the car can, through dynamism, make its presence felt, which is rarely seen in an automobile. A few key features of the exterior included: frameless windows, 3-D bonnet, very narrow BMW headlights, slim one-piece rear-lights, a large BMW kidney grille, 3-D bonnet, rectangular wheel arches, flared shoulder area, and frameless windows. The interior is very minimalist in style and yet is very spacious. Thereby increasing a feeling of ease and comfort. It is mainly due to the absence of a central panel and a flat floor.  

Moreover, among a few unique features in the BMW Ix model design is the 'Curved Glass Display'. This long piece is located at an angle that points towards the driver. There also is a hexagonal steering wheel which makes entry and exit convenient. In addition, this car also has a Sky Lounge Panorama Glass Roof multi-functional seats, bespoke leather upholstery, and ambient lighting to light up every mood. Every car in the BMW Ix series has a luggage capacity of 1,750 liters with a 40/20/40 split.

BMW Ix automobile and its electrified engine: 

The BMW Ix vehicle comprises a fifth-generation 'eDrive' technology that serves as the engine. It gets the power supply from two electric motors in the front and the rear axle, single-speed transmission, and power electronics. It also ensures that the BMW Ix accelerates from 0 to 100 km/hours in just 6.1 seconds while generating a maximum power output of 326 hp. Two batteries possess high voltage integrated on the floor and have a combined capacity of 76.6 kWh, providing a range of up to 425 kilometers. The charging for this automobile is generally accomplished in a fast and hassle-free way. Some of the charging times are as follows. 

1. 11 kW AC Charger completes 100% charging in about 7 hrs / 100 kms added range in 2.5 hrs 

2. 150 kW DC Charger completes 80% charging in 31 min / 95 kms added range in 10 min   

3. 50 kW DC Charger – completes 80% charging in 73 min / 100 kms added range in 21 min. 

Unique accessories found in the BMW Ix edition:

The presence of an all-wheel-drive ensures that the right amount of torque is distributed between the front and the rear wheels depending on the road surface. My Modes is an application that helps switch the driving character from either Personal, Sport, or Efficient. The BMW Iconic Sounds Electric helps create engaging driving sounds and pedestrians alert. Finally, in the BMW Ix car, a Wall box Charger also ensures and enables safe and convenient charging up to 11 kW. 

Presence of Innovative technologies in BMW Ix: 

Several Connected Drive technologies in the BMW Ix continue to prove useful to the driver while also breaking new barriers in terms of innovation. These include: BMW Curved Display having navigation and possessing a 12.3-inch digital information display and a 14.9-inch control display. With the BMW Virtual Assistant, the occupants in the automobile can control functions in it simply by talking to it. The BMW Natural Interaction helps recognize six pre-defined hand movements to enable smooth control over functions in the vehicle. There is also Wireless Charging made specifically for mobile phones

On the other hand, Wireless Apple Car Play/Android Auto provides for seamless smartphone connection. For the convenience of parking, there is the Reversing Assistant. Which also records the last 50 meters driven and the number of assists by taking over the steering.

However, the Parking Assistant Plus's presence involves using a Surround View Camera that makes parking tight spots easier. In terms of entertainment, the Harmon Kardon Surround System with eighteen speakers ensures that every beat of the music feels truly blissful to the ears.  

Above all, the first-ever BMW iX model has been manufactured to reduce carbon footprint using recyclable material with 100% green electricity and promote 'E-mobility' in a big way.  

MWTV covered the launch of the BMW iX - Read about it here.


BMW iX Series


'eDrive' technology

Maximum Power Output

326 hp

Maximum Torque

630 Nm

Acceleration (0-100 kmph)

6.1 seconds

Top Speed

124 mph



Fuel Type


Fuel Tank Capacity


Gross Weight

5,659 pounds 


4,593 mm


1,967 mm


1,696 mm


3000 mm

Boot Space

500 Litre


425 km/full charge

Price INR

Rs 1.16 crore


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