Audi’s Experimental Quick Charging Concept for Their Electric Cars

Posted on 25-05-2021 by Nilesh Sawant

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Audi is transforming as a provider of sustainable premium mobility. The brand plans to accelerate its efforts to do so by 2025 with a wide range of more than 20 fully electric models.

Audi is transforming as a provider of sustainable premium mobility. The brand plans to accelerate its efforts to do so by 2025 with a wide range of more than 20 fully electric models. The key to this and a very integral part of this transformation is providing availability of charging facilities. Audi is working on a concept for quick-charging for high end models.

Audi’s electric segment is picking up speed as for the first time ever, more than half of newly introduced models in 2021 are electrified, the most recent one being the Q4 e-Tron series. With the growing number of electric models, the requirements for charging infrastructure must also grow. Audi has come up with a solution to this – the Audi charging hub. This is a concept and it calls for high-power charging (HPC) stations that can be reserved in advance to present planning security. A lounge area nearby will be provided which is said to be an attractive, premium place to pass time.

The bedrock of the Audi charging hub is formed by cubes; the flexible container cubes carry out various technical requirements and the house charging pillars as well, use lithium-ion batteries for energy storage. The use of second life modules from dismantled development vehicles does not just give the battery cells a new and sustainable purpose, it also provides a great benefit in their suitability as ancillary storage for direct current. This makes complex infrastructure with high-voltage lines and expensive transformers unnecessary.

A huge interim storage provides roughly 2.45 Mwh – six charging stations, each having a power output of 300 kW and only need a standard 400 volt high-voltage hook-up. That makes output starting at 11kW per cube sufficient to be able to fill three-storage modules giving a total capacity of 2.45 Mwh continually and to charge them overnight. The roof has photovoltaic modules which provide additional green energy. This not makes it easier to select possible locations, but also reduces the time required for planning and the cost while also saving resources. Additionally, the hub can be transported, installed and adapted to individual location quickly, independent of local network capacities.

Audi is also going to be providing a lounge area preferably above the charging station itself, or nearby. It only takes a little longer than a coffee break to charge an electric Audi. The Audi e-Tron GT will charge from 5% to 80% taking roughly 23 minutes. The lounge is said to provide Audi customers a place to pass the time, along with a variety of amenities and a range of snacks, drink and non-food items making the charging stop a welcome break.

The search for a location in Germany for Audi charging hub pilot project and talks with possible partners is currently ongoing. It is planned to go into operation in the second half of the year. The findings of this experiment will play a decisive role for further implementation of the concept. The plan for this experimental phase is not limited to Audi, it also welcomes drivers of other car brands to be able to use Audi charging stations along with access to certain parts of the premium lounge.


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