Volvo S90 and XC60 launched in Mumbai

Posted on 23-10-2021 by Suraj Dhirwani

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Volvo India launched the new XC60 and the S90 today! MWTV was present at the launch. Read on to know the special deals and features.

Volvo India launched the new XC60 and the S90 today!

MWTV was invited for the launch. While we witnessed the unveiling of these two stunning cars, we were also treated to a lot of important info by the top brass at Volvo! Most of what we reveal was conveyed directly by Mr Jyoti Malhotra, Managing Director, Volvo Cars India, who unveiled both the cars.

Stay tuned to know more about the special news that Volvo shared with us at the event.

For now, we are looking at both the cars – The Volvo XC60 and the Volvo S90.

Both the cars have a lot of similarities:

- 1969 cc engine - petrol

- 48v mild Hybrid electric technology

- 250 Bhp

- 350 Nm torque

- 360-degree camera

- Google Services with Google assistant

- Advanced Air Cleaner with PM 2.5 sensor

- Android-powered infotainment system

- Pilot assist

- Blind Spot Information system with Cross-Traffic Alert

- Parking assistance 

- B5 Inscription variant is available at launch for both.


The SAME launch price: Rs. 61,90,000 ex-showrooms.

The main difference is that the S90 is an 8 Speed automatic FWD, and the XC60 is an eight-speed automatic AWD.

And one extra colour in the XC60.

Both the cars are available in Onyx Black, Crystal White, and Denim Blue, amongst other colours.

There are some other minor differences between the two cars that MWTV could spot at the unveiling.

-  The Volvo S90 had blinds for the rear seat passengers. These blinds could be raised manually for both windows. These were absent in the XC60

-  The Volvo XC60 had a much smoother, sturdier access door to the compartment under the boot as compared to the S90

-  The Volvo S90 B5 Inscription had prominent circular fog lamps while the XC60 had them integrated in a subtle manner towards the bottom of the front bumper.

 MWTV will note more such changes when we drive both cars soon. So stay tuned to our channel for those posts. 

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Both cars are available with a special Volvo Service Package - for three years at Rs. 75,000 + taxes only.

Mr Amit Jain, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications, Volvo India, confirmed that this would be an introductory offer only.

MWTV advises its readers who might opt for these cars to avail this offer.

Another exciting bit that Volvo shared with us was the news that both these cars have been launched as PETROL only. No Diesel variant is available at launch and will not be available in the future at well.

 This made us wonder if Volvo, too, will axe its diesel line-up, and it turns out that is true. As confirmed by Volvo, the XC90 is still available with a diesel engine, but not for long! Soon it will be replaced by a petrol-only variant.

Those of you who may be interested in picking up some of the last few Volvo XC90 Diesel variants call us on 9423-369-888.

Furthermore, Volvo has confirmed that by 2030 they will have an all-electric portfolio. This is similar to what Audi announced, the end of the IC engine.

Mr Oswald Williams, Head of Sales, KIFS Volvo, Mumbai, was very excited about the new electric Volvo in early 2022.

 Read about Audi’s plan to discontinue IC engines.

Starting 2022, Volvo will begin bringing in its electric-only models. By 2030, in line with the Global vision, India will be an EV only market for Volvo.

Another exciting policy that Volvo has introduced is – LIFETIME warranty on parts. There are some T&C to this statement that needs to be understood. MWTV has reached out to Volvo for the details. We shall share a full-fledged report on this soon and what it means to new Volvo buyers and pre-owned Volvo buyers. Stay tuned to our website for this.

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