Jaguar XF R-Dynamic Black Edition 2021 launched

Posted on 01-09-2021 by Suraj Dhirwani

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To take an existing powerful beast and give it a tasteful make-over is a standard affair at Jaguar. This time they have extended the special treatment to the XF with the R-Dynamic Black Edition.

To take an existing powerful beast and give it a tasteful make-over is a standard affair at Jaguar. This time they have extended the special treatment to the XF with the R-Dynamic Black Edition.

Jaguar have launched the powerful XF in the R-Dynamic Black Edition. This is a special edition guise that takes the existing mean looking Jaguar XF and gives it a meaner vibe. The changes are subtle, yet noticeable. 

In the exterior the Jaguar XF R-Dynamic Black edition gets bespoke Gloss Black finish applied to the door mirror caps and side sills in addition to the grille, grille surround, side window surrounds, fender vents, and rear badges.

While these may be noticeable to the discerning eye, one cannot miss out on the 19 inch Gloss black alloy wheels. These are Style 5106 as per Jaguar’s nomenclature. To complete the finish both disc callipers, front and back, are painted red.

The changes are not limited to the exteriors. The interiors get a special treatment too.

The cabin inside is finished in Satin Charcoal Ash and has 30 colours of in-cabin lighting available on demand.

Then there is the new PiVi Pro entertainment system at the centre of the whole affair. Quite literally we may add. PiVi Pro is staple across the Jaguar range and with every refresh, the number of cars with this next generation infotainment and command system keep increasing.

Pivi Pro comes with Apple Car Play and Android Auto as standard. It is also equipped with Dual SIMs. It supports multi-point connect to tow phones. The Dual SIM technology ensures it can play music from Spotify while it receives its SOTA – Software Over The Air Update.

To complete the modern touch there is a wireless charger with network boost technology in the centre console. Making the cabin a very plush place to be in, there is Active Road Noise Cancellation technology to keep the NVH levels low and ensure the drive is fatigue free.

Another trend that Jaguar have matched is the cabin air ionisation with PM 2.5 filtration. This ensures ultrafine particles and allergens are trapped, ensuring the cabin is indeed a comfortable and safe space to be in.

We can’t talk of a Jaguar and now mention the engines. First off, both the engine options are available with a choice of Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) or All Wheel Drive (AWD). To make things interesting, or complicated based on how you look at it, there is a choice of 4  different output engines!

Petrol powered 2 litre 4 cylinder turbo engines that pump out 250 bhp (365 Nm torque) and 300 bhp (400 Nm torque). Or you can opt for the diesel engine that comes with a 48v Mild-hybrid electric technology. The diesel engine is also a 2 litre 4 cylinder turbo charged engine. With the 48 MHEV it produces 204 bhp with 430 Nm torque.

Both engines are mated to a 8 speed automatic gearbox.

The 300 bhp petrol engine is the fastest of the lot with a 0-100 kmph time of 5.8 seconds while the diesel with the MHEV manages the same feat in 6.1 seconds.

While the Indian market has never been kind to this particular shape, Jaguar offers the XF R-Dynamic Black edition in the Sportback variant too.

Quite an interesting package overall, we must say. Check out our coverage of the previous R-Dynamic editions Jaguar has launched - E-Pace and the F-Type.

Jaguar also launched the XE along with the XF in the R-Dynamic Black Edition.


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