Porsche India appoints new dealers in Bengaluru and Chennai to expand their dealership network.

Posted on 07-04-2022 by Nilesh Sawant

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Porsche India has brought on board two business partners by signing a dealership agreement with them in recent development.

Porsche India appoints new dealers in Bengaluru and Chennai to expand their dealership network. 

Porsche India has brought on board two business partners by signing a dealership agreement with them in recent development. This move is part of the German luxury car brand’s dealer network expansion plan announced last year. The KUN Premium Cars Pvt. With 25 years of experience in the automobile industry, Ltd was appointed as a dealer partner for Porsche Center Chennai. On the other hand, Porsche Center Bengaluru is assigned with VST Supercars Pvt. Ltd as its new dealership partner. To know more about this decision of Porsche India to collaborate with new dealership partners, MWTV presents this article.  

The unique features of Porsche India’s new network expansion deal: 

Porsche India’s new deal related to expanding its dealership network comprises its integrated Sales and After Sales facilities. They are included simply because the brand wants to provide its customers with maximum convenience. And also because Porsche requires additional space to exhibit their models, be it two-door sports cars, extravagant limousines, and even the SUV variants.  

Possible benefits derived from facilities used by Porsche India’s new partners: 

The two new collaborators of Porsche India are operating via interim facilities that cater fully to the brand’s existing and potential clients. It includes providing customer service regarding sales of spare parts. These two new partners are also looking to set up state-of-the-art facilities created using global guidelines to attract a new clientele for Porsche. The plan is to open these new amenities by next year.   

The new dealership in Chennai and Bengaluru is a sign of Porsche India’s intention to expand across the nation: 

According to Manolito Vujicic, Brand Director for Porsche India, the decision to bring in two new partners in Chennai and Bengaluru highlights the brand’s ambition to expand in Southern India. However, he also admits that this move is just a baby step taken by the carmaker to make Porsche’s presence felt all across the nation. Adding further that the new partners are here to ensure that the customer acquires all the assistance or services of a global standard that they seek.   

Furthermore, Arun Surendra, Dealer Principal at Porsche Center Bengaluru, agrees with Vujicic and says their partnership will guarantee that ‘Customer First Approach’ is given priority. He also said that in collaboration with Porsche India, he is looking forward to delivering the brand’s first sports car to customers. In terms of service, he claims that they are seeking to set a high benchmark.  

Above all, the initiation of expansion in the dealership network undertaken by Porsche India is mainly due to the increase in demand for the brand within the country. It is evident in the hike of about 62% new vehicles produced by the brand in India during 2021.  


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