From the unique ice race concept to a special edition, Audi RS e-tron GT marks global debut

Posted on 20-09-2023 by Bisma Trunkwala

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Limited to 99 Units, the RS e-Tron GT Ice Race Edition has been revealed for the global market to mark Audi Sport GmbH's 40th anniversary. The primary color is silver, and it is covered in a foil that has see-through areas. The design, according to Audi, was inspired by icicles.

Audi's high-performance electric car, the RS E-Tron GT Ice Race Edition, was unveiled last week in honor of the 40th anniversary of Audi Sport. The model is limited to 99 units in Europe, and no pricing is available.

The high-end label claims that the unique GP Ice Race in Austria was the impetus for this variant. The skin on the outside reflects the chilly colors on the inside, and vice versa. There is one electric motor for each axle, increasing the vehicle's total horsepower to 582 (528 in boost mode). It can supposedly reach 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds and has a range of about 373 km. Audi's charging service allows users to charge their vehicles at any of Europe's more than 500,000 public charging stations using just one card. Fast DC charging at a maximum of 270 kW allows for about 100 kilometres of driving range after only five minutes of charging time.

Audi RS E-Tron GT Ice Race Edition: Exterior

Starting with Florett silver metallic body colour, the RS e-tron GT is foil wrapped. Foil covers targeted transparency but not the entire surface. Due to foil wrapping all outside components, the foil has a partial effect. This wrap adds white tones three-dimensionally to monotone silver. Contrasting violet accents stand out. These foils abstract ice crystals and colourize hatching meaning. The designers borrowed ideas from the prototype, including white brand insignia on the front and back instead of chrome or black. 21-inch black rims, a CFRP roof, and privacy windows provide the light body solidity and road-holding.

Audi RS E-Tron GT Ice Race Edition: Interior

The diamond silver centre panels, shoulder arches, and side bolsters of the leather seats contrast with the black. This design uses accent colors in little regions, never across the whole surface. Audi unique customized the interior to match the outside and foil cover. Like racing vehicles, a new leather-Alcantara steering wheel bears a diamond silver color mark at 12 o'clock. The inside of the ice racing edition has expressive centre console and dashboard highlights, floor mats with modified RS insignia, and Audi special badges. Purple stitching elegantly highlights an outside feature inside.

"I wanted the vehicle to pay homage to the thrilling motorsport atmosphere and the spirit of past racing legends, while looking to the future," said Christopher Kroener, color and trim designer at Audi.

He further added ''The allusions to ice and snow add a special dimension to the design. The color play between white and silver pays homage to the cool atmosphere. It is meant to pick up on the icy glitter and shimmer of the snow and convey the feeling of speed and dynamism experienced at the GP Ice Race during winter in Zell am See.”

There is still no price information available, but industry insiders are confident that the limited edition model will sell out quickly because to its rarity. There will likely be an announcement of the special edition's specifics soon.


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