Bugatti Centodieci Edition enters production.

Posted on 01-04-2022 by Nilesh Sawant

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The Bugatti Centodieci Series has covered over 50,000 kilometers in endurance testing and therefore is all set to launch into the manufacturing stage.

The Bugatti Centodieci Series has covered over 50,000 kilometers in endurance testing and therefore is all set to launch into the manufacturing stage. It is a model introduced by the luxury car brand to pay rich ode to the 1990s super sports car. However, only a total of ten Centodieci vehicles will be built by Bugatti. And yet, the French automobile manufacturer is leaving no stone unturned in developing and testing models in this edition. After all, this type of coach-built car series is one of the brand's most exclusive. Furthermore, the production units responsible for creating this Centodieci Series is limited. To help you know more about this Bugatti Centodieci Edition ready to be manufactured, MWTV presents the article.  

The collecting of technical data to manufacture the Bugatti Centodieci Series: 

Bugatti test drivers and engineers have made strenuous efforts to gather the technical data needed to develop the Bugatti Centodieci Series during the last few months. They have also tried invaluable insights related to driving at high speeds and handling challenging routes and circuits. All the information collected is shared with the technical development department at Bugatti Engineering, used to create a Centodieci Edition prototype that has covered over 50,000 kilometers during its first endurance testing.   

The endurance testing of the Bugatti Centodieci Edition: 

In terms of endurance testing, a team of three drivers rotate and examine all the functions of the Centodieci. They also register and log every minor flaw that is detected. This automobile is driven on tracks with different profiles, whether wet or dry surfaces, at every speed range. Beginning from the stop-and-go pace right up to the top speed. The drivers need to possess outstanding technical knowledge, maximum concentration, and sensitivity for this endurance testing to succeed. They must also be able to detect the slightest noises, movements, and irregularities in the car. Above all, the endurance testing needs to be completed via one final inspection that should include checking for every steering movement, cornering load, braking, acceleration, and functionality of the driver assistance systems.  

Details of the endurance testing center of the Bugatti Centodieci Edition: 

At Bugatti's Nardo Test Center, the endurance test for the Centodieci is undertaken. According to Steffen Leicht, the man responsible for the testing, this workshop possesses the ideal conditions to test a vehicle. It comprises a circular track that measures 12.6 km has a diameter of 4 km and is considered the fastest in the world. 

The center in Nardo is spread over 70-hectare land, providing for 70 different roads with different surfaces, making extensive testing possible. 

The involvement of analysis during the endurance testing of the Bugatti Centodieci:  

During the duration of Bugatti Centodieci undergoing endurance testing, engineers are busy analyzing and garnering the vehicle's data. The information they gain from it they use to make adjustments wherever necessary. Especially making additions to aspects such as functionality and durability. Furthermore, during this testing for endurance, the engineering specialists ensure that all components in the Bugatti Centodieci interact well with each other. They also ensure that all constituents harmonize safely and stably. That too when the car is exposed to harsh external conditions.   


High-Quality checks maintained during the endurance testing of the Bugatti Centodieci: 

Bugatti as a brand as always adhered to producing and maintaining high-quality automobile manufacturing for more than a hundred years. As a result, project manager Carl Heilenkötter says that Centodieci is tested to ensure it can withstand extreme circumstances. He further adds that Bugatti is making its latest model undergo such a stern test since the brand believes in keeping high standards for durability and satisfying the customer's needs.  

After completing the endurance test at Nardo, which represents the final act of extensive testing planned by Bugatti, the Centodieci is set to enter the production stage. The cost of this vehicle starts from eight million euros. 


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