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Posted on 16-03-2022 by Nilesh Sawant

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This summer, brand Audi is set to become the first carmaker in the world to introduce virtual reality (VR) entertainment made by Holoride into its vehicle edition production.

This summer, brand Audi is set to become the first carmaker in the world to introduce virtual reality (VR) entertainment into its vehicle edition production. They intend to do so by providing the passengers on the back seat an opportunity to adorn VR glasses. Thereby enabling them to immerse themselves entirely in the world of games, films, and other interactive multimedia content. 

One of the unique features of this innovative technology is the ability of the virtual content to adapt as per the driving movements of the car in real-time. Furthermore, this VR platform is set for its official launch at the South by Southwest (SXSW) in the United States of America. To know more about virtual reality (VR) entertainment made by Holoride by Audi, MWTV presents this article. 

The virtual reality (VR) entertainment, Holoride connection, and its creation of an immersive driving experience:  

Audi is ready to introduce a VR entertainment technology in its vehicles capable of adapting the virtual content as per movement the car takes in real-time. So, if the Audi automobile turns right in reality, the content within the VR world will also move in the same way. This VR or XR (extended reality) technology, first developed by the German luxury car brand, is now being made commercially available for varied manufacturers by tech start-up Holoride.  

Introduction of VR entertainment technology made by Holoride in Audi cars soon: 

From June this year, a few select Audi models will possess the VR entertainment technology manufactured by Holoride, which shall be made available in the European market and countries such as China, Japan, the United States, and Canada. The VR entertainment technology will also come with a virtual reality headset that must be connected with the vehicle wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE.  

A colour-filled history of the Audi VR entertainment technology made by Holoride: 

In Las Vegas, USA, at the CES 2019 (Consumer Electronics Show) event, the Audi VR Entertainment Technology made by Holoride was first presented. Furthermore, Holoride has integrated virtual gaming from the Marvel Universe in collaboration with Disney Games in the Audi VR tool. In addition, during the summer of 2021, Holoride visited various production and game studios to exhibit their technology to acquire the perfect collaborator. Finally, at the IAA 2021 in Munich, people got their first taste of the VR technology made by Holoride for Audi.  

Audi VR Entertainment Technology made by Holoride to drive into a future revolving automated vehicle: 

To prepare for a future in which travel by car will increasingly depend on automation, Holoride has created the Audi VR Entertainment Technology. The ushering in of such innovative technologies also opens up more opportunities to enjoy entertainment, learn, and even work while on the drive. Additionally, the presence of VR technology can also prove beneficial in reducing the common issue faced by passengers known as motion sickness. The evolution of the VR platform also means that the car's interior will become a very personalized space. While, for a designer, it will become an area genuinely worth designing. As a result, a car will be created inside out, not the other way around. 

 With Audi cars ready to be available and Holoride capable VR system from June 2022, it remains to be seen as to what virtual reality has on going out for a drive on the road.   


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