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How Volvo came to be known as the brand that resonates- safety

The moment today becomes yesterday; It also becomes history. And the longer the story, the more to tell. 1927 marks the starting point of Volvo cars. Volvo started making cars because they believed nobody else was making them strong enough or safe enough for Swedish roads. Since then, a steady stream of Volvo models has seen the light of day from Volvo plants.

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History of Maserati

The famed Maserati logo, the trident, was a creation of Mario Maserati. The inspiration for the logo was taken from the iconic statue of Neptune in Piazza Maggiore. It stands as a symbol of strength and vigor. Mario also adopted the red and blue colours from the banner of the city of Bologna which till date, remain the colours of Maserati.

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Ducati: From Making Radio Transmitters to Making Top Class Motorcycles

Ducati was founded in Bologna, Italy in 1926 by Antonio Cavalieri Ducati and his three sons, Adriano, Marcello, and Bruno Cavalieri Ducati. The company, like any other, saw many ups and downs. Currently, Ducati is owned by Lamborghini through its German parent company, Audi; therefore, falling into the Volkswagen Group. Ducati is known for its legendary success on race tracks and they manufacture top-of-the-line motorcycles. The Ducati Museum in the city of Bologna showcases the full history of the company, from its humble origination as a radio and electronics producer to the motorcycle powerhouse it became over the course of the 20th century.

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