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Audi e-Tron gets software update extending journey distance

The Audi e-Tron is all ready to have a software makeover, thereby extending this electric SUV's distance range.

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Mercedes Benz celebrates 50 years of Safety

It has been 50 years since Mercedes-Benz first introduced the ESF-05 to the public, part of its Experimental Safety Vehicles programme.

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Mercedes C Class plug-in Hybrid launched

Recently Mercedes Benz launched a new generation in the C-Class Series in the form of C 300 e Saloon and C 300 e Estate, the first plug-in hybrid models.

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BMW 5 Series Carbon Edition Launched in India

BMW has, with great fanfare, just launched its ''Carbon Edition'' in India. This BMW 5 Series M Sport car is now locally produced in Chennai.

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Bentley’s Lindsey Tough wins at the 2021 Automotive 30% Club Inspiring Women Awards

Bentley’s electrical engineer Lindsey Tough is among 30 women working in the British automobile industry to be recognized at the 2021 Automotive 30% Club Inspiring Women Awards.

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Mercedes launches ROTF - Retail of the Future

Mercedes-Benz India announced the initiation of its 'Retail-Of-The-Future' or ROTF sales model to develop transparency in the process of buying & selling.

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