The Icons of Porsche makes a grand return

Posted on 27-09-2022 by Nilesh Sawant

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In the 'Icons of Porsche' celebrated in 2021, about 7,000 visitors and about 1,000 Porsche vehicles were on show during the inaugural festival. Therefore, the grand success of this event last year led to Porsche deciding to organize the festival again in 2022.

At the second edition of the Dubai Design District Design, the 'Icons of Porsche' makes its much-awaited return. This festival filled with anticipation is set to take visitors on a 'Safari' joyride to remember. Furthermore, the idea behind bringing back this Porsche carnival to life is to commemorate the luxury German carmaker's rallying heritage. In addition, the intention is also to give the Porsche-loving communities across the Middle-East region to celebrate their favourite brand in style. Then, MWTW presents this article explaining a few important facts you need to know about the 'Icons of Porsche'.

The objective behind bringing back 'Icons of Porsche' and its theme:

In the 'Icons of Porsche' celebrated in 2021, about 7,000 visitors and about 1,000 Porsche vehicles were on show during the inaugural festival. Therefore, the grand success of this event last year led to Porsche deciding to organize the festival again in 2022. As Dr Manfred Bräunl, Chief Executive Officer of Porsche Middle East and Africa FZE admitted, it is due to the 'Overwhelming' response that the 'Icons of Porsche' received last year that it back once again this year. This event commemorates the amazing heritage of the luxury car brand Porsche. This year is based on 'Safari' as a theme. More importantly, the visitors to this 'Icons of Porsche' can expect to gain an experience that is big, better, and more memorable than last year. It is all set to include some historic models manufactured by Porsche. As per Bräunl, the sole purpose of Porsche is to provide their clients with a calendar event they cannot miss. Above all, the German luxury carmaker is all set to give its loyal customers an unforgettable classic car nostalgia. Besides, this unique festival seeks to connect art and culture with the human community.

Commemoration of Porsche's achievement and the unveiling of a new model at the 'Icons of Porsche':

The 2022 'Icons of Porsche' is being organized as an event filled with familial vibes.

Furthermore, it also features a celebration of all the key milestones the luxury car brand accomplished.

It includes Porsche Cayenne (the first SUV model) completing twenty years, along with the 50th anniversary of Porsche Design. This mega luxe car event is also ready to be a meeting point for Porsche Clubs spread across the Middle East. It is mainly to celebrate Porsche Clubs completing seventy years.

More importantly, apart from celebrating the rich history of the luxury German car manufacturer, a new Porsche model is also set to be launched at the 'Icons of Porsche' event. This unveiling of a new car edition by the brand during this festival clearly illustrates how Porsche is looking to deliver to its clientele Public Relations moments to remember and treasure forever.

A truly awesome Car simulation experience available at the 'Icons of Porsche':

One of the Unique Selling Points or USPs of the 2022 'Icons of Porsche' festival is the availability of virtual and real-life driving experiences. So, on the one hand, there is an Esports arena which will allow the attendees to test their racing simulator driving skills in a Porsche vehicle.

Meanwhile, an exclusive off-road course will allow a visitor to enjoy a 'PORSCHESQUE' driving experience in the Cayenne models.

Five zones worth exploring in the 'Icons of Porsche' festival:

Above all, the 'Icons of Porsche' festival will comprise five distinct thematic zones to help visitors explore the true joy of driving a Porsche. They include:

1. Community Village: This essentially is a marketplace that welcomes all visitors to Icons of Porsche fest with the chance to embrace and enjoy a Porsche lifestyle. In addition, it is a one-stop shop consisting of Porsche products and activations, giving visitors a showpiece of the festival truly worth taking home.

2. Design Factory: A hub which focuses mainly on manufacturing Porsche vehicles. Furthermore, it features Porsche design and Exclusive Manufaktur. This zone illustrates the design process that Porsche as a brand uses. Furthermore, it also helps celebrate the wide variety of stylish iconic sports cars built to perform and make heads turn around.

3. Adventure Camp: At this zone in the Icons of Porsche festival, the attendees can expect to glimpse the adventurous and rebellious side of the brand Porsche. In addition, in this camp, an attendee can look forward to seeing an interesting mixture of rallying displays, overland and off-road.

4. Art Valley: It essentially serves as a 'Gallery' comprising artworks produced by popular local and international artists who find inspiration in the Porsche brand.

5. Electric Field: It is a modern desert metropolis that helps visitors of the festival discover the magnificent speed of the Porsche cars in-game at the Esports area.

Above all, the Icons of Porsche festival is organized mainly to target a wide range of audiences. They include those seeing a driving experience to remember, automobile enthusiasts, and classic car owners.

More importantly, via the development of Icons of Porsche fest, this German luxury car manufacturer, has shown us that the brand symbolizes sporting car excellence, passion, and inspiration.


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