Mercedes Benz C Class All Terrain Estate Unveiled

Posted on 25-08-2021 by Nilesh Sawant

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While in India, we are waiting for the All New C Class to ruffle the market, globally, Mercedes Benz has unveiled the New C Class in Estate Form. The C-Class All-Terrain will be world premiered at the International Motor Show in Munich in September, and will reach European dealers later this year.

While in India, we are waiting for the All New C Class to ruffle the market, globally, Mercedes Benz has unveiled the New C Class in Estate Form. The C-Class All-Terrain will be world premiered at the International Motor Show in Munich in September, and will reach European dealers later this year.

Compared to the conventional C-Class Estate, the All-Terrain has slightly increased dimensions. It is four millimetres longer and measures 4755 millimetres in total. Because of the wheel arch linings, the width is increased by 21 millimetres to 1841 millimetres. The increased ground clearance of around 40 millimetres has also increased the vehicle height to 1494 millimetres.

The capacity and variability of the load compartment remain the same: the sporty rear has a load capacity of 490 to 1510 litres. The rear seat backrest of the Estate model is 40:20:40 split-folding. The EASY-PACK tailgate included as standard can be conveniently opened or closed at the touch of a button, using the button on the ignition key, the switch in the driver's door or the release handle on the tailgate.

On the design front, the single-louvre radiator grille with chrome-plated trim elements and embedded central star characterises the front. The front bumper is partly made of dark grey, grained plastic, which emphasises the robust character of this model. Underneath it is a simulated underride guard in high-gloss chrome.

This C-Class variant has wheel arch liners in matt dark grey on the front wing and on the rear side wall. The model-specific trim on the side skirts contrasts visually with the painted body surfaces in this colour and finish. An additional chrome trim strip is integrated into the side member trim. Exclusive wheel designs in sizes from 17 to 19 inches are available for the All-Terrain. At the rear, the newly designed multi-section bumper, the model-specific, chrome-plated load sill guard and the simulated underride guard underline the special nature of this vehicle.

Considering, the All-Terrain models are based on the AVANTGARDE exterior, the waistline trim, side window surrounds and roof railings are finished in polished aluminium. The trim on the B-pillars and the bars on the rear side windows are in high-gloss black.

The AVANTGARDE interior is also standard for the All-Terrain. With black, macchiato beige / black and sienna brown / black, there are three colour concepts to choose from. The instrument panel features a silver chrome clasp and matt diamond silkscreen trim element.

  The instrument panel is slightly inclined towards the driver by six degrees. The high-resolution LCD screen in the driver's area is free-standing. Customers have a choice between a 10.25-inch (26.0 cm) or a 12.3-inch (31.2 cm) version. A new "Offroad" context was designed for the All-Terrain. This holds specific information such as the incline, decline and steering angle. 


  The All-Terrain is available with either a petrol or diesel engine. In the petrol model, a new four-cylinder petrol engine (M 254) with integrated second-generation starter-generator (ISG) is used. For a short time, the output of combustion engine can be electrically increased by up to 15 kW.

  Even the diesel variant has a mild hybrid drive. Its four-cylinder engine (OM 654 M) comes with an integrated second-generation starter-generator and 48-volt electrical system. The diesel can also recuperate and glide with the engine switched off. Electrification allows the use of an electric refrigerant compressor for the air conditioning system.

  In India, Mercedes Benz had launched the E Class Estate All Terrain, which typically, did not set the sales charts on fire, considering its price and perception in the customers mind. 

  However, do you think, the C Class Estate All Terrain, if priced right, can be the right Estate to go for? 

  While, the C Class is awaited, Mercedes Benz has launched the performance oriented GLE 63S 4-Matic in India, and you can read all about it Here  


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  1. I think in India, Station Wagons were never a success, somehow they were never attributed as "must have" cars in the garage like American or European counterparts. Volvo V90 CC is such a beauty, but sadly, no one buys it. So even if this comes to India at a mouth watering price, it is going to meet the same fate of its elder sibling- E Class All Terrain

  2. Mercedes is aiming very high in the food chain. For India, I do not see or would not see common buyer put their big bucks on a station wagon. We have a simple formula in India, the money invested is directly proportional to the metal you get. The bigger the car, the better the value. Due to such trends, the SUV market is so well developed due to its presence. Nonetheless, a concept such as station wagon is also appreciated but to increase its popularity, it has to be made approachable to a wider customer base. The same concept should be developed on a more affordable chassis such as the A class probably. The vehicle should have a raised height, traction system to increase grip as seen on Audi’s and equipped with all the bells and whistles. If the vehicle is launched at a mouth watering number, the concept will be more approachable to the masses and it will be a hybrid concept appealing to owners looking for a status oriented vehicle as well as the benefits of a station wagon combined with performance and driving dynamics. This will be a one of a kind packet which would appeal to enthusiast as well as new buyers and set a new trend in India. Like the V90, the C and E station wagons would be sold to just a select few who recognize its potential which is not high. This was even the case with the R class.

    1. Indeed. Indians LOVE their SUVs. So much so, that even pseudo SUVs and hatchbacks with beefed up wheel arches sell. I loved your 'more metal for money' analogy. Made me think - Station Wagons clearly offer more metal (and area) than a sedan. The area from the C pillar to the boot lip becomes 'enclosed' in a Station wagon. There is more 'usable' space in a station wagon than in a sedan (or even a notchback) - but then again, one would never look as cool at triple digit speeds in a station wagon as compared to a sedan!

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