Volvo welcomes Jim Rowan as the brand's new Chief Executive and President.

Posted on 03-02-2022 by Nilesh Sawant

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Volvo will officially get a new CEO who answers Jim Rowan in March. He is currently serving Ember Technologies as a Board Member and Chief Executive Officer.

On March 21st, 2022, Volvo will officially get a new CEO and president named Jim Rowan. He is currently serving Ember Technologies as a Board Member and Chief Executive Officer. Furthermore, Jim is all set to succeed Håkan Samuelsson, who first became a board member of Volvo cars in 2010. Eventually, going on to become the CEO and President of the brand in 2012. This change was decided after a long diligent search for the right candidate to innovate was first undertaken. The intention behind this business move was to provide the renowned car brand with solid leadership in a world increasingly becoming digital. MWTV presents a few facts about Jim Rowan, the new-age leader of Volvo.  

Jim's vast experience as a leader in global consumer and technology sectors:

Rowan has an excellent track record of delivering strong growth and profitability through innovative, transformative strategies and customer engagement. In addition, he also brings with him expertise in digitalization, disruption, engineering, and supply chains. It makes him a valuable asset for Volvo cars, whose burning ambition is to grow well in the digital world.   

The past achievements of Jim Rowan as a leader: 

At his current organization, Ember Technologies, Jim has successfully worked as Board Member and CEO since February 2021. Previously at the Dyson Group, he served as a CEO between 2017-20 and COO from 2012-2017. During both those periods, he was responsible for accelerating the e-commerce strategy. He also helped launch innovative products and helped grow the company's market share worldwide. Rowan was also the COO of BlackBerry before collaborating with Dyson. 

The reason why Volvo Cars have decided to go for a change of CEO: 

According to Eric Li, Chairperson of the Board of Volvo Cars, the brand is currently making a rapid transition into the world of 'Digitalization.' And so, the brand was looking for a leader having global CEO experience outside the automobile industry. Jim fit the bill perfectly. Li also believes that Rowan has all the leadership qualities that would help accelerate the progression of Volvo into the future that is more likely to be digitalized.  

Jim Rowan and his delight at joining as CEO of Volvo Cars: 

As for Jim, this opportunity of leading Volvo Cars, in his words, is indeed very 'Exciting.' Mainly because the automotive industry and the business world, in general, are undergoing a significant transformation in terms of 'Digitalization.' He also said that the brand's ability to innovate in car manufacturing while maintaining safety and quality eventually made him take up the irresistible offer.  

With Håkan Samuelsson staying on as CEO and President of Volvo Cars until Rowan takes over in March, only time shall tell what kind of impact Jim will make on the brand's success shortly. 


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