Mini Cooper - The history of 'Joy of Driving'

Posted on 30-11-2021 by Suraj Dhirwani

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It is on taking a peek sneak into the rich global history of sporting cars that you shall find the reason why driving a ‘Mini Cooper’ is still a joyride.

Mini Copper, the ultimate symbol of joyful riding   

It is on taking a peek sneak into the rich global history of sporting cars that you shall find the name of ‘Mini Cooper’ shining bright. This car was developed by the British automotive marque ‘Mini’ now owned by BMW since 2000. It was engineer John Cooper who produced high-quality racing cars for this brand. He first began creating top-notch sporting automobiles immediately after the completion of World War II. To help you know more about ‘Mini Cooper’ and explain why this vehicle for 60 years now is considered the synonym of driving fun, MWTV presents this article to you.

The Mini Cooper and the John commitment connection: 

In 1959, the Classic Mini first made its appearance in the market. However, in just two years, ‘Mini Cooper’ was developed and released. It is simply due to the passion, commitment, and vision of engineer John Cooper to make an instant impression. Mainly because of its high power delivery and high agility. More importantly, even today, 60 years from its birth, this car is mentioned when it comes to talking automobiles that help provide maximum driving fun with minimal external dimensions.   

Development of the Classic Mini, the true inspiration behind the creation of Mini Cooper:  

John Cooper was initially in the 1950’s busy manufacturing world-class formula 1 cars that were creating a name on the racing circuit. Alec Issigonis, an engineer, working for the British Motor Corporation, developed a new small sporting car during this period. Which had an exterior measuring just above three meters, which was named the ‘Mini Classic.’ This vehicle provided a lot of space for four passengers and their luggage. It was light and agile, had an engine that delivered a maximum output of 34 hp, and was economically priced. The arrival of this model in the market inspired Cooper to modify and redevelop it to create his version. So, with the blessings of the British Motor Corporation management, John set out to modify the ‘Mini Classic’ into the ‘Mini Cooper.’  

The final Mini Cooper model remodified from Mini Classic by John: 

Initially, John developed only 1000 vehicles in the Mini Cooper model edition. He modified the Mini Classic engine by increasing its maximum power output to 55 hp to generate a top speed of 135km/h. He also ensured that the displacement of the automobile expanded to just about 1 liter. Cooper also provided this model with a ‘Closer-Ratio Gearbox’. The roof comprised of contrasting colors, while the interior had two-tone. The finished Mini Cooper model was eventually released in September 1961. 

Reception of the fans and success of the Mini Cooper:  

The Mini Cooper instantly became a success on race tracks and race rallies organized around the world. It especially became legendary by making appearances at the Monte Carlo Rally. This automobile for its fans from about 1961 to 1971 became a valid symbol of passionate fun driving. The name of John Cooper has continued to live on in the hearts and minds of genuine automobile connoisseurs; such was his impact.  

Impact of Rover Group takeover by BMW on Mini Cooper: 

In 1986 Mini Cooper was brought by the Rover Group (from British Leyland) only to be sold to BMW in 1994. This move helped utterly transform the MINI brand. And therefore, in 2001, the new bigger, chicer, technically savvy, and much more colorful MINI model was introduced to the world. More importantly, this newest Mini Cooper was developed to fulfil the modern-day driver’s desire for more power. 

The launch of the 2006 Mini Cooper Edition:  

It was in 2006, in November, that the latest Mini Cooper model was introduced in public. This automobile was developed specifically using evolutionary design and by making a fundamental total overhaul. The visual appearance of this latest Mini model also receives the highest approval points or ratings.  


Irrespective of the fact that 60 years have passed since the inception of Mini Cooper, this car continues to be the epitome of pure fun driving for all automobile enthusiasts. 


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